Virgo November

Welcome to November, Virgo. Your ability to communicate your truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may at first seem, will increase this month. Scorpio  Season is going strong the first three weeks of November, and it’s activating your communication sector. You’ll be thinking and speaking more deeply and passionately than ever before, and this makes your sex life very intimately intertwined with your emotional wellbeing. In order to feel happy sexually, your partner (s) will have to listen to you, respect you, understand you, and respond to you favorably. If you at all feel misunderstood though, chalk it up to Venus being retrograde in Libra for the first two weeks of the month. There will also be a  post-shadow period that will be felt all month long, so you’ll vacillate from having moments where your sexual energy is super high, and others when it’s much lower.  Don’t judge yourself for it, and stay away from any partner(s) who judge you for it too. Being honest about when you want sex and when you want solitude is essential to your sexual health and overall satisfaction.

On November 7, the Scorpio New Moon will allow you to begin a six-month cycle of self-expression when it comes to your sexual desires. If you’ve been repressing your own needs or focusing a bit too much on pleasing other people,  this is the time to rectify it. Virgo, you have a very strong sexual nature, even if you outwardly seem shy or prudish to other people. It’s simply that it takes the right person to activate your freaky side. Scorpio Season helps bring that part of you out,  even though you may at first try to tame it. The lesson with this New Moon is to accept how multifaceted you are sexually speaking. Spend time setting intentions about the wildest, most uninhibited sex you could have. Who would it be with?  Where would it be? What would you be doing? How often would you be doing it?  The more you visualize yourself breaking free of your own insecurities and blockages, the easier it’ll be actually to do so. November 7 – 17th may be one of your most sexually liberating periods of the month, so plan to have your sexcapades around then.

On November 15th, Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Pisces for six weeks and activates your partnership sector. Life’s about to get much more sensual,  mystical, and emotional for you, Virgo. This takes place right before Venus  Retrograde finally ends, so you’ll notice yourself opening up to your lover(s) with greater ease, and you may even admit how much you care about them. This breakthrough will only lead to you further enjoying sex with them because you won’t be in denial about your true feelings about them. The Pisces energy will encourage you to seek out a soulmate type of bond with whomever you’re engaging sexually with. That doesn’t mean that you’ll force that label onto your sex partner,  but rather that you’ll let go of relationships that aren’t full of substance and truth. You won’t want to waste your time or anyone else’s. And if you’re already committed to someone, you’ll be more willing to be upfront about what truly makes you feel emotionally and sexually secure. You aren’t down for casual flings during  Scorpio Season, and especially not with Mars in your partnership sector. So let that be known and avoid any future misunderstandings.   Once Sagittarius Season begins on November 22, your homebody side may come out, and you may in the mood to just cuddle and chill all day with someone special. You may not even need to have sex immediately — you’ll want to warm up to them first and just enjoy each other’s company before getting inside each other ’s pants. On the 23rd, the Full Moon in Gemini may lead to a breakthrough happening at work. Something that you’ve been hoping for ever since May 2018 may finally come full circle, and you may feel inclined to celebrate that milestone by going out and letting yourself have fun without a care in the world. That may lead to you having some amazing sex during the last week of November, especially around  November 24th, once Neptune goes directly in your partnership sector. You may feel like the world is opening up to you, and that there’s nothing you can’t do, and no one you can’t have. Your sexual energy will be at an all-time high by the end of  November, Virgo, so definitely make sure that you’re sharing it with someone who can handle all that intensity and pizzazz. Only the strong will survive.