Virgo October

Just because your birthday season’s over, Virgo, doesn’t mean you can’t keep having fun, both in and out of the bedroom. Quite the opposite. October is a month where you’ll be in the mood to explore, tantalize, and let out your inner freak. The energy of Libra Season activates your sector of security, meaning that you’ll be turned on by those who are charming, flirtatious, and approachable. You yourself will begin to exhibit more of these qualities during the first three weeks of October. You’re a new person now that your Solar Return has occurred, and you can’t be labeled or categorized this month. You’ll be in the mood to experiment and shake things up emotionally and sexually.

Use the first 8 days of October to set clear intentions around what you’d like to change about your social and love life so that you feel like the give and take in your relationships is equal and balanced. It’s okay if you don’t fully know how to create such equilibrium… Remember that it’s a work in progress, and relationships are a two-way street. So as much as you may be doing the work to fight your demons and clear the air in your love life, others may not yet be ready to meet you at that level. It’s up to you to focus on your own journey and stop trying to change other people’s behavior to make yourself feel more comfortable. Don’t use sex as a form of manipulating them to get what you want either, Virgo. You’re not as innocent as you seem…

Mars, the Planet of Action, leaves your sign and enters Libra on October 4, and then Venus, the Planet of Love, leaves Libra and enters Scorpio four days later. If you’ve been overly self-critical when it comes to the type of sex you want and who you’re having it with, you’re going to start to notice yourself chilling out and becoming more adaptable during Mars’ transit in Libra. Single Virgos should prepare to meet new people who stimulate them intellectually and sexually. When you blend the energy of Mars in Libra with Venus in Scorpio, your chances of connecting with someone who sees you for beyond what’s visible on the surface increases. It will feel like a lightning bolt at first, and you may wonder if it’s too good to be true and if the feelings are real. Your mission is to not overthink it, Virgo. Just be here, in this movie you call life. Be present as you craft the next scene of your movie. Whether it ends with a casual glance goodbye or an all-night sex session is up to you.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th activates your sector of depth and intimacy, which keeps the good times going. Any parties or outings that take place around this time will be fueled with irresistible and highly sexual energy. This Full Moon will bring out a fiercer and more sexually expressive side of you, one that’s been longing to be expressed all summer long. So let it out, Virgo. Scream in bed. Ask to be handcuffed or blindfolded. Slap your partner’s ass. Give them hickeys. Be the wild animal that you are. Rawwwrrrr, b!tch. You often take yourself way too seriously, but this Full Moon asks you to have fun, take charge, show them who’s the captain now. Everyone will be astounded, in the best possible way, by this new and improved version of you. The one that cares less and just does what feels right in the present moment. This is the sexual awakening you’ve been waiting for.

Your sex life is only going to get steamier, more passionate and more dramatic once Scorpio Season begins on October 23. Your communication sector is activated, and sex will be on your mind more than ever. It will serve as a massive stress-reliever and pleasurable break from life’s more mundane activities. Just don’t get too lost in the sauce with whomever you’re obsessing over that you forget how bomb you are on your own, Virgo. Scorpio Season has an intoxicating effect on you where you tend to prioritize love and pleasure over rationality or logic. This is a welcomed change, but remember that Scorpio is a sign of extremes, and your ruler Mercury will be going retrograde on the 31st of the month, so you may not feel as grounded and clear in your sexual and romantic decisions as usual. The opportunity to have sex with an ex may occur as the month rounds out, or nostalgic and sentimental thoughts about an ex may surface. Whether you do or don’t have sex with them is up to you, Mercury retrograde isn’t here to paralyze you. It’s here to help you assess what you need to feel free. And if an orgasmic experience (or two, or three…) is what will liberate you, why not indulge intentionally?