Virgo October

Welcome to October, Virgo. As you settle down from the high of your birthday season last month, you’ll find yourself focused on feeling more secure in your relationships and more adventurous in your sex life. This is very much possible this month, since the Sun spends most of the month in your security sector during Libra Season, and then enters your communication sector once Scorpio Season begins. Plus, Venus, the Planet of Love, and your ruler Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will both be in Scorpio this month, allowing you to be bolder and more passionate in your sexual and verbal expressions. Bye bye shy and reserved Virgo, and hello Virgo 2.0, ready to show your partner(s) just how wild you can be behind the calmer, self-contained nature you may outwardly project.

You’ll be thinking naughty thoughts all month long. You may be at work, killing the game, but you’ll be multi-tasking and fantasizing about your next sexual adventure. There will be a total of four planets in Scorpio at one point this month, lighting up your communication sector, so a lot of these thoughts will be internalized at first. But if you merge with the right partner (be it your significant other if you’re in a relationship, or the person you’re talking to if you’re dating), and if you’re in the right setting, you’ll eventually start sharing some of your risqué thoughts and desires with them, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. “Ask and you shall receive” is the theme for you this month, Virgo. The Universe can’t give you what you don’t admit to wanting, so don’t be afraid to proudly profess your sexual desires, and even take on the role of the teacher or guide if you have to show someone how it’s done. This will turn both of you on more than you realize.

On October 5, Venus in Scorpio begins its retrograde, and that may at first make you bottle up your feelings or second-guess being open with your sex partner(s). There’s something about vulnerability and the idea of rejection that terrifies you, and as much as you’ve been making progress to overcome such insecurities, the retrograde energy may throw you for a loop by making you flashback to moments when speaking your truth led to you getting stung, ridiculed, or ghosted. Plus, all of these planets in Scorpio can have an obsessive feel to them, and it may be hard for you to quiet down your passionate thoughts and desires enough to know exactly how to express them without scaring your partner away. Make things easier for yourself by reminding yourself that your ideal sex partner wouldn’t be afraid of the intensity or the depth of emotions that you want to reveal to them this month. You often put your thoughts and emotions through a logical and rational filter, asking yourself if it’s worth it to share or if instead you should keep it to yourself. But with Venus in Scorpio, it’ll feel like you have an alter-ego who’s forcing you to reveal your deepest desires, and once you do, your sexual nature will intensify, people will be magnetically drawn to you, and they’ll want to get inside your head (and be all over your body) more than ever. There’s strength — and sexiness — in vulnerability, Virgo.

The New Moon in Libra on October 8 activates a 10-day renewal in your security and finance sector. The more secure you feel financially and emotionally, the better your sex life will be. So if you have to take a little break from romantic engagements to bring greater order to your checkbook, do so without shame. It’s important for you to not use relationships or sex as an escape from important responsibilities. You are the most organized sign of the zodiac, and you’re most turned-on when everything is aligned and goes according to plan. But of course, life can’t be fully controlled at all, so the Libra vibes of this New Moon will teach you the power of planting seeds of intention, and then detaching from the outcome. If, for example, you want more commitment and transparency from a partner, both sexually and emotionally, use the 10 days following the New Moon to plant the seed of desire, drop the hint and let them know how you’re feeling. Then back off and create space for the seed to bloom naturally on its own. By the time Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, followed by the Taurus New Moon on the 24th, you will be in awe of how much this tactic leads to people being all over you. You’ll end the month feeling unstoppable, very sexually empowered, and ready for the ride of your life.