Virgo September

Your annual Virgo New Moon is bringing out a raw, more sensual and sensitive side of you, Virgo. It takes place on September 17th, and its energy will be felt throughout the end of the month. You’ll be in the mood to say bye to any situationships that left you feeling insecure or uncertain, even if the sex was bomb. You’d rather be on your own than feeling like people are convincing themselves to commit to you. This month is all about you committing to yourself. Indulge in self-pleasure with intention — don’t just do it because you’re horny. Do it because you’re trying to tap into a tantric level of sexual bliss, one where you prioritize your body’s needs and sync it with your soul’s vibration. Sex can be profoundly healing, whether it’s sex with self, or sex with another who fully sees you, wants you, craves you, respects you, and hypes you up.

Your levels of selectivity in partnership are ultra high this September, especially since your ruler Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is currently in Libra this month, activating your sector of security and abundance. Even if a part of you may have been acting light-hearted with Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo, deep down you’re putting everyone, including yourself, through trust tests. If someone is great at sexting you but you don’t feel emotionally connected to them, you’ll make a mental note of that and observe in what ways they can show up for your consistently, other than just stroking your ego or making you feel sexy. You deserve the best.

One thing to watch out for this month is using sexually manipulative techniques to try to get what you want. This isn’t necessarily something you’re doing intentionally, it may be happening subconsciously. For example if you’re boo’d up but you feel like you’re not getting as much attention from your lover(s) as you’d like, a part of you may withdraw from them when they do try to connect with you sexually through kisses, cuddles, massages, oral, or initiating sex. This may particularly occur right before the Virgo New Moon takes place, because the dark-of-themoon period tends to bring out your shadow side. Instead of suppressing your more petty urges, integrate it into your sex life. Text your lover or crush letting them know how naughty they’ve been, and let them know the type of punishment you want to enact on them (with their consent, of course). Invest in sexual tools and toys that you can spank each other with. Let your nails scratch their back and leave a mark. Let them see just how wild and ferocious you can get in bed — they’ve been craving this from you. They want you to let every part of your darkness out, because they’re just as much in love with it as your light. Can you do that for them? Can you fully let them in? Can you open up and let them come into you? It’s Virgo Season most of this month, and the answer is yes, yes, yes. And once Libra Season starts the 22nd, it’ll only transform into a dangerously yes — like a werewolf you will transform into a more intoxicating version of yourself.