Virgo January

Happy New Year, Virgo! The key to having an amazing sex life this month is to minimize the expectations you place on how your sex life should go. There are two eclipses in January 2019, meaning that we’re starting the year off on a sexually and emotionally charged note. Passions will be running high on New Year’s day, with the Scorpio Moon activating your communication sector and allowing you to give into your more primal urges. If you want someone, let them know directly. Don’t let your shyness or pride keep you from getting what you desire. Start off the year with a bolder and more assertive energy, sexually and emotionally. The Scorpio Moon will help your most naughty fantasies come true, even if it takes until the end of the month to fully materialize.

On the 5th, a Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn takes place, and it’s one of two eclipses that radically shift your perspective on sex and intimacy. You’re usually ultra selective, but you’ll have to make sure that you’re not judging a book by its cover and pushing away potential romantic and sexual suitors because you’re too narrow-minded in terms of what the ideal picture of a partner should be. 2019 is the year of expansion, Virgo. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and stretch your wings. While Capricorn Season energy is all about the tried and true, Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius will encourage you to be bolder, more daring and bold in your sexual encounters. If you don’t like a certain way you’re navigating your sexual relationships, use the dates of the 5th – 15th to create a new reality for yourself. Delete old contacts or sexts from your phone in order to make room for fresh sexual energy. Pay attention to the energy in your bedroom — are there stuffed items under your bed? Is there enough room in your bed for two? Take time this eclipse month to become aligned with the vibration of your ideal sex life. And if you’ve already manifested your ideal sex life, this first eclipse of the month is perfect for expressing gratitude to the Universe, yourself and your partner(s) for the orgasmic and satisfying experiences you’ve been having.

While you often have very high standards and expectations in your love and sex life, Venus in Sagittarius’ energy this month will help you go with the flow more, and be more open to new sexual energy. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have sex with someone new, but you will be open to meeting and flirting with new people. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be feeling more open to having group dates or talking about freaky topics with great candor. People often mistake you for being a prude, but you’re actually one of the most sexual beings out there. Venus in Sag will reveal a naughtier and more surprising side of you, as will the second eclipse of the month which takes place in Leo on the 21st. The Full Moon in Leo activates your healing and regeneration sector, and you may be ready to leave behind an unhealthy mindset about sex and intimacy that you may have been holding on to. Take time during the final 10 days of the month to be compassionate and patient with yourself if you find yourself triggered or self-protective during sexual interactions. This eclipse energy is helping you learn to heal from past sexual or emotional disappointment, and to open yourself up to soul-stirring, life-changing passionate connections. Pay attention to your physical urges around this Full Moon eclipse. If you need more space, be clear in setting those boundaries and don’t engage in sexual relations with someone just because you feel like you’re expected to. Use this eclipse energy to put yourself at the forefront of your sexual Universe. You’ll be acknowledging the insecurities that previously held you back from being fully present in your sexual relations, or of even having sex at all. It’s a new year, and this dual eclipse month is helping you transform and be empowered sexually and emotionally.

The month ends with you learning how to use the airy energy of the Aquarius Sun to your advantage. If there’s someone you haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about or obsessing about, take time during Aquarius Season to do something creative or personally enriching which doesn’t include constantly thinking of them and trying to get them to sleep or be with you. You’ll notice that as you intentionally release the urge to be with them physically, they’ll naturally be drawn to you and your independent nature. So this month, focus on pleasing yourself sexually first, without seeking or needing someone else to.