Virgo September

Welcome to September, Virgo. It’s your birthday season until September 23rd, and it’s important for you to treat yourself like royalty. That’s the best way to show the world how to treat you. There’s a wild side to you Virgo that the world doesn’t often see… This is the time to let that wild side out. With so many planets in your sign right now, you’re feeling yourself. Let go of past insecurities or self-doubt and recreate yourself as the month begins. You’ll be feeling the magic of the Virgo New Moon for the first half of the month, and it will allow you to set intentions about the type of lover you want to manifest or maintain in your life.

But in order for that to take place, you have to be that lover for yourself. You have to treat yourself with more kindness and love. You have to look at yourself in the mirror each morning and say “Hey beautiful, I love you!” Okay, maybe not those exact words, but you get the idea. As you get turned on by your own self, the world will be turned on by you too. Practice this radical self-love during this New Moon period and beyond, and you’ll be wowed by how much your life transforms six months from now.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 14th activates your partnership sector, and it will make you extra horny. It’s really important for you to let yourself connect with the person who’s been most consistently on your mind (but only if they’re good for your mental health). You may be tempted to find reasons why you have to put things off or slow things down, but the Pisces Full Moon isn’t at all about reason — it’s about intuition and emotion. Allow yourself to let down your guard and indulge in mind-blowing birthday sex, Virgo! You’ll feel the Full Moon energy most around the dates of September 10 – 18th, and this may be when you feel most turned on or sexually attracted to someone (or multiple people).

You’re going through a period of letting down your guard more in order to let love in more. Even if you’ve been with someone for a long time, there’s still more you can do to be vulnerable and practice deeper intimacy. This Full Moon will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, both sexually and emotionally. It’s also possible that you’ll have to release an outdated relationship or connection around this Full Moon, and you may have amazing breakup sex right before you do. If your heart knows it’s time to let go, the best thing you can do is trust what your heart is saying. It doesn’t mean it’s a forever thing, and perhaps it will be. But letting go will allow you to grow in ways beyond your current understanding. And it will also help you attract the lover(s) who are sustainable and compatible with the lifestyle and empire you’re building…

Once Saturn Retrograde ends on the 18th, Venus and Mercury get settled into Libra, and Libra Season begins on the 23rd, a whole new world opens up to you sexually and emotionally. If you’re single and have been shying away from dating, you may find that you can no longer escape the sexual advances and flirtatious glances you receive from cute strangers or known acquaintances. Even people who previously friend-zoned you may pop up in your DMs or messages, trying to connect sexually or intimately. Don’t let your pride stop you from having a good time, Virgo.

With Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, retrograde in your communication sector, you may have to revisit old connections that have switched up on you. If the timing is now right, then let go of when things weren’t right. Accept the fact that the Universe has tricks up its sleeves. Since this month is about taking yourself less seriously, just be like a Libra as the month comes to an end, and live more in the moment, Virgo. If it’s safe, exciting, soul-stirring sex and you’re in the mood to indulge, don’t let your mind get in the way of your sexual satisfaction. Be wild, be uninhibited in bed, and be free! Your body, soul and partner(s) will profoundly thank you.