Virgo March

Happy March, Virgo! With your ruling planet Mercury being retrograde most of the month, you may find yourself wondering what you really want in terms of love and sex. This isn’t the time to make any abrupt decisions or breakups, but rather to tune into your inner world — especially the more sensitive and emotional sides of you — and be honest about what lights you up and what drains you. As a Virgo, you often put other people’s needs ahead of your own, but your Virgo Full Moon last month has taught you to assert greater boundaries and set limits whenever you feel overwhelmed. So even if you’re used to satisfying your partner’s urges and desires first, allow yourself to be unapologetic and direct about your own this month.

The Sun is in Pisces for the first three weeks, and it’s activating your partnership sector and helping you see through facades. You’ll be seeking clarity if you’re in a situationship where the sex is great but the emotional transparency is inconsistent. Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in airy Aquarius from the 1st to the 26th, and this will lead to you taking a more intellectual approach to sex. Instead of letting your insecurities plague you, you’ll naturally want to talk things through with your partner, perhaps before, after, or even during the act. You won’t be doing so in an overbearing way though, because Venus in Aquarius is helping you use humor and wit to get your point across. So if for example, you want to know what’s going on inside their brain, you may say something like, “Can I get inside your brain while I give you head?” and it will break any ice that exists between you and your partner(s) and bring you so much closer to each other.

With Mercury being retrograde in your partnership sector, don’t be surprised if your exes or past crushes/flings resurface this month. You may have already noticed their influence ever since the end of February, but they’ll really make themselves known and seen this month. Tune into your body’s reaction when you get a text from them or when you see them in person… If you find yourself getting hot and bothered and fantasizing about tearing their clothes off, then follow that instinct, as long as they make you feel safe and respected. Release the societally conditioned belief that an ex must always remain an ex and can never evolve. That’s simply not true. You may even be the ex that decides to hit up an old fling in hopes of reviving your flames of passion, and if that’s the case you would ideally want your past bae to look at you from a new set of eyes, knowing that you’re a changing being who evolves day by day. So by no means must you force yourself to entertain someone who doesn’t make you feel good, but if your body is literally yearning to connect with them, don’t sabotage your connection out of pride, stubbornness, or fear…

The Pisces New Moon takes place on the 6th and you’ll feel its energy throughout the 16th, so this may be the time to set clear intentions about what how you’d like to improve and transform your relationship and sex sector within the next six months. By Virgo Season 2019, many of the intentions you set this month will have manifested. For Virgos in a relationship or those seeking more stimulation and variety, set intentions about the type of positions you’d like to explore sexually with your partner, the locations where you’d like to explore them (think big and internationally, because sex on a plane or in a parked car during a road trip is very much a possibility for you this year), and how you’d like to feel as you orgasm. The more specific your visualizations of your dream sex life, the more you’ll be able to manifest it in vivid detail. The person you’ve been fantasizing about, whether real or imagined, could end up appearing (at least the qualities that you seek in sex will manifest through them or through a current partner who develops those traits) and transforming your love life significantly. It all begins with the intentions you set this month.

On the 20th, the sexual pace switches up once Aries Season begins, followed by the Libra Full Moon. The last 10 days of the month will feel more fiery and unpredictable. Your stronger, more suppressed sexual urges may make themselves clear around the Libra Full Moon, and you’ll be more flirtatious, charming and sexually magnetic at this time. Prepare for a sexual awakening — either you’ll realize you’ve been playing it safe in bed and are ready for more excitement, or you’ll decide to take a break from sex with others to reconnect with yourself first and foremost. Either way, March ends on a sexually empowered and liberated note, especially once your ruler Mercury goes direct on the 28th.