Virgo July

Welcome to July, Virgo! Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde in your spirituality and social sectors this month, so this is not the time to make extreme decisions romantically or sexually. You must take time to listen to your subconscious mind, and figure out which thoughts serve you and which ones must be reconditioned to better serve you. If you’ve felt insecure in your relationships, you should use retrograde and eclipse season to admit those insecurities, accept them, and transform them into reasons to love yourself even more fiercely. This will lead to your romantic and sexual partners also feeling more drawn to you, and even falling in love with your insecurities if you dare to be vulnerable with them about it. Amazing sex this month is directly correlated to more transparency and honesty with yourself and others. Dare to feel uncomfortable feelings so that they no longer control or scare you…

This month, Mercury retrograde may make you over-analyze or second guess how people feel about you, and if you don’t watch out you may end up sabotaging a blooming relationship just because you failed to accept the abundance of love the Universe was sending your way. Luckily, because you’re forewarned, you can check yourself whenever you start to feel yourself pushing away those who are into you. It doesn’t mean you have to say yes to every date offer you receive this month, Virgo. But it does mean that you don’t have to assume that everyone who shows sexual or romantic interest in you is going to let you down or disappoint you.

The two eclipses that take place this month — a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th — are likely to help you let go of this tendency, Virgo. Challenge yourself to be more of an observer of your love and sex life, rather than trying to control how it all unravels… Also dare to trust the people who show up for you consistently, wanting to shower you with their love and affection.

Leo Season begins on the 22nd, and this will help you get out of your own head and amp up your self-esteem. It’s a good time for a mini make-over (nothing too serious because Mercury will still be retrograde until the 31st). Remind yourself of your inner and outer beauty, and fall in love with yourself all over again, Virgo. If you have to take a break from sex or romantic interactions so that you can feel better in your skin, Leo Season is the time to do so because your spirituality sector will be activated. Leo Season is the pre-game to Virgo Season, and it may be a personal hibernation period for many Virgos, as you shed the dead skin and prepare for your annual rebirth. If you’re boo’d up, make sure your lover understands your need for more alone time, but also don’t keep them out of the loop for too long. Cuddle sessions are still a powerful form of foreplay, and often being touched and hugged is all you need to really come alive again and feel your sexual nature be reawakened. Once Venus enters Leo on the 27th, followed by a beautifully healing New Moon in Leo on the 31st, you’ll notice your sex drive increase again, and it will lead to you wanting soul-stirring sex that blows both you and your partner away. It would have been a whirlwind of a month, but the ending will make it all worth it. If you can, plan a sexual adventure for month’s end, especially since your Mercury Retrograde will end on the same day as the Leo New Moon. You would have made it through one of the most intense months of the year — you deserve a sexual release.