Virgo May

Virgo, the month begins on a romantically stimulating note, as the Taurus New Moon on the 4th of May activates your sector of travel, higher education, adventure and long journeys. If you can, take a trip near or far between May 4th and 14th. Either go solo or with a partner you want to have sex with. Don’t play yourself, Virgo. If it feels right and the opportunity presents itself, go for it. The more you shoot your shot and are direct about your needs, the better your sex life will be this month and beyond.

It’s also possible that this New Moon energy will lead to a connection at work or at school deepening, and the sexual tension between you and a coworker or classmate may be too much to bear. You may find yourself thinking about them and about sex non-stop during the first two weeks of May, especially since Venus will be in the impulsive and restless sign of Aries until the 15th, and Mars will be in the flirtatious and charming sign of Gemini. Don’t let over-analysis or self-doubt stop you from letting your crush, ex, or desired bae know that you’re open to their advances, and also wanting to make some of your own… This New Moon can ignite a more fearless and go-getter side of you, and that will catapult your love and sex life to new heights of ecstasy.

On the 15th, Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Cancer for several weeks, and Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts into Taurus as well. Finally, you’ll find yourself having more consistency and reliability in your love life, and this will translate to you loosening up in bed and being less worried about situations out of your control completely messing up your vibe. The second half of the month will have you feeling sexy, assertive and confident, and that’s because the astrological energy is making your lover(s) reciprocate the energy and affection you give them. They’ll be in the mood to spoil you, surprise you, treat you, kiss you, rub your back, Netflix and Chill, cook for you, etc…

If you’re not boo’d up, be open to cultivating connections online or via social media, and also be open to going on blind dates or dating events. You’re not the type of person who has one-night stands or casual hookups as a norm, however because it’s retrograde season you may unexpectedly connect with someone who is indirectly connected to your past. Perhaps they’ve been there all along but you didn’t realize or notice them, and suddenly this month they are impossible to ignore and you find yourself deeply drawn to each other. This type of synchronicity and omen-like occurrences will at first weird you out, but the more time you spend together, the more attracted you will be to each other. Take time to explore exactly what it is about your partner(s) that turn you on most. Is it the little things they do? The way they pay attention to what you have to say? The way they hold you or graze your cheek? You’re often focused on pleasing your lover, but this month take time to celebrate how you wish to be pleased. Be specific and indulge in this fantasy. That way the Universe can gift you more of what you like.

As a Virgo, you tend to rationalize your feelings and thoughts away, and one thing you must watch out for this month is using sex or intimacy as a reward for working hard on a professional project. Sex should ideally be something you integrate as a norm in your life, and not just as a stress-relief or a way to have great skin or burn a few calories (although you have to admit, those are nice perks). By the Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th of May, followed by the start of Gemini Season on the 21st, you will realize how sensitive you can be as a lover, even if you hide that truth from people you have sex with. You may end up having a conversation with someone that is so deeply healing that it unlocks an inner sex god(ddess) within you — one that’s been longing to be unleashed for years now. What are you about to do with all that magnetic, sensual, irresistible energy, Virgo? Whatever (or whomever) you feel most consensually aligned with, of course. Enjoy. You deserve sexual bliss.