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KnowTheZOdiac !

Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells is a West African and French astrologer who has been studying the field for over 14 years. After being introduced to Sun signs by her parents, she began analyzing her own birth chart as well as those of her friends and family, and astrology became her passion. In July 2011, when Dossé-Via was a freshman at the University of Southern California, she created her Twitter page @ScorpioMystique, where she shared knowledge about her zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Dossé-Via has since attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on her social media accounts, including Scorpios Katy Perry, Ella Mai and Miguel.

Dossé-Via now shares astrological knowledge with all 12 zodiac signs via her page @KnowTheZodiac. She offers birth chart readings, transit forecasts, compatibility reports, private consultations, and daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts to customers all over the world.

She also has a podcast and individual horoscope pages on IG for all zodiac signs: @knowaries @knowtaurus, @knowgemini, @knowcancers, @knowleo, @knowvirgo, @knowlibra, @scorpiomystique, @knowsagittarius, @knowcapricorn, @knowaquarius, and @knowpisces.

Dossé-Via views astrology as a tool for self-empowerment and self-understanding. She graduated with her Master’s degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in May 2017, and has been working as an entrepreneur full-time ever since. She now lives in West Africa with her husband Royce and two children. Get in touch with Dossé-Via at hi@knowthezodiac.com. PS: In addition to being an astrologer, Dossé-Via is an entrepreneur and professional model. To learn more about her, visit her personal website and follow her on Instagram: @dossevia.


General SexScope for All Zodiac Signs:

We’ve made it through the last eclipse passage for the next five months, skymates. Sex and love has the power to be astronomical, especially since we’re in the most fiery and attention-grabbing season of the year — Leo Season. Even if we look calm and innocent on the outside, deep down most of our minds will be leaning towards freaky territory, whether that’s because we’re having flashbacks to our latest sexual encounters, or visualizing flashforwards to the manifestation of our fantasies.

You may have noticed that your manifestation powers are quickening, skymates. This is due to Mars, the Planet of Action, Sex, and War, now being placed in fiery Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, until January 2021. When you combine the somewhat aggressive, direct and confident energy of Mars in Aries with the sultry vibes of the Leo New Moon taking place the 18th, this is the month where many of us will have a wake-up call regarding when we’ve been sexual masochists — refusing to give ourselves the love we seek, or refusing to fully let down our guards and give others the love we have to give. Why are we like this? That’s what we’ll be asking ourselves, particularly during the first half of August, leading up to the New Moon.

Since we’re still in retrograde season (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde right now, and Uranus will join them on the 15th), make-up or break-up sex may happen in the first two weeks of the month, and it’s best to just be present in the moment if you find yourself in such a situation — there’s no need to overthink it or even feel bad about it, because there’s a reason your bodies were drawn to each other in this instance, and sometimes you need sexual closure or sexual healing to fully step into the next phase of your relationship, be it with yourself or with another. If you and someone you thought you were over end up reconnecting either virtually or in-person, make sure you’re taking time to listen to each other, even if you’re distracted by how hot the other is. What exists beneath the sexual attraction? Is it truly worth pursuing?

Venus, the Planet of Love, is spends its final few days in Gemini, and then enters Cancer on the 7th. Venus in Gemini was one of the the transits that made our love and sex lives low-key hilarious and quite comedic for most of 2020 — Venus experienced a longer than usual transit in this sign. Just when we thought we knew who someone is or what our relationship “status” was, something may have shifted that left us wondering what’s really up. For example, someone who you would’ve sworn friend zoned you may have all of a sudden dropped serious hints that they wanted to get you naked, and that they often think of you and wish they could be with you. The months after a lunar eclipse tend to reveal what was once hidden, and that’s what August 2020 will do for you and your lovers, could-be-lovers, or lovers that once were. Any repressed feelings, longings, sexual tensions or desires will become quite clear, particularly once Uranus goes retrograde the 15th. Sex will be bomb AF!

Sex and intimacy during the second half of August will likely feel irresistible and tantalizing. Leo Season brings out a primal, animalistic side to us in bed, and Virgo Season also has super freaky elements that may surprise even the most sexually open skymates. After the emotional waters of last month’s Cancer Season, August’s more erotic, naughty and somewhat dangerous sexual energy which can lead to you being taken over the edge when connecting with someone that’s equally as passionate and uninhibited as you are. You may be reading this at the start of the month unsure what’s ahead for you. Good. Release all expectations about what your love and sex life has in store, because you’re likely going to be blown away by what you manifest. Our only job is to get our minds, bodies and souls ready for the consistent orgasmic bliss that’s to come.