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Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells is a West African and French astrologer who has been studying the field for over 14 years. After being introduced to Sun signs by her parents, she began analyzing her own birth chart as well as those of her friends and family, and astrology became her passion. In July 2011, when Dossé-Via was a freshman at the University of Southern California, she created her Twitter page @ScorpioMystique, where she shared knowledge about her zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Dossé-Via has since attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on her social media accounts, including Scorpios Katy Perry, Ella Mai and Miguel.

Dossé-Via now shares astrological knowledge with all 12 zodiac signs via her page @KnowTheZodiac. She offers birth chart readings, transit forecasts, compatibility reports, private consultations, and daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts to customers all over the world.

She also has a podcast and individual horoscope pages on IG for all zodiac signs: @knowaries @knowtaurus, @knowgemini, @knowcancers, @knowleo, @knowvirgo, @knowlibra, @scorpiomystique, @knowsagittarius, @knowcapricorn, @knowaquarius, and @knowpisces.

Dossé-Via views astrology as a tool for self-empowerment and self-understanding. She graduated with her Master’s degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in May 2017, and has been working as an entrepreneur full-time ever since. She now lives in West Africa with her husband Royce and two children. Get in touch with Dossé-Via at hi@knowthezodiac.com. PS: In addition to being an astrologer, Dossé-Via is an entrepreneur and professional model. To learn more about her, visit her personal website and follow her on Instagram: @dossevia.

December SexScopes for SexZodiac

General SexScope for All Zodiac Signs:

Welcome to the final month of the year, skymates. December 2018 will have many sexual and romantic twists and turns, but one thing’s for sure — it won’t be boring. Venus, the Planet of Love, re-enters Scorpio on December 2, where it remains until early January 2019. This means that we’ll experience a shift from the diplomatic, flirtatious and social energy of Venus in Libra, to the passionate, emotional, intense and obsessive vibes of Venus in Scorpio. Our sex drive will collectively increase, but since it’s still Mercury Retrograde for the first six days of the month (plus a 2-week shadow period), it’s important to not make impulsive sexual and romantic decisions, or else they could come back and haunt you. Even if you’re super horny and craving intimacy, make sure that you’re being intentional about who you’re kissing and wooing under the mistletoe… Weed through your options with patience, and if you think no one’s into you, make sure you’re not ignoring someone who may be admiring you from afar.

We previously experienced Venus in Scorpio from September 9 to October 31, and Venus was retrograde from October 5 – November 16. This time around, Venus being direct in Scorpio will help us find closure on any sexual experience that was still lingering in our minds… If you’ve been hooking up with an old fling, or dreaming of doing so, this month may help you find a resolution and get to the root of where your desire stems from. Are you fantasizing about the one that got away? Are you still stuck on an ex? Have you been chasing sexual conquests as a way to fill an emotional void? Only you know what your sexual hangup may have been lately, and you’ll have to use the energy of Venus in Scorpio to transform challenges into successes.

Mars, the Planet of Action, spends all month in the sensitive, dreamy sign of Pisces, and this can make us more sultry and erotic when it comes to sex and making love. Pisces tends to be known as the freaky sign, but there’s also a cosmic, ethereal nature to this sign which we’ll all feel this month… A kiss won’t simply be a kiss. Eye contact will be filled with loaded messages and subtle innuendos… It’ll be important to pay attention to both what is being said and what’s not being said, particularly when it comes to romantic partners. If you want to feel more connected to your body, take time to pleasure yourself before pleasing others, and you’ll notice a great boost in your sex life all around.

The Sag New Moon energy lasts from December 7 to 17th, so it’s a major highlight of the month since it’s the last New Moon of 2018. This New Moon energy will encourage you to be more adventurous and bold as a sexual partner. If you’re single, Sag Season is a time where you’re open to mingling like never before, and this makes you open to trying out new sexual positions. You’ll also be attracted to people who challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. In a relationship? Make sure to give yourself space to do your own thing this month. The distance will make your heart (and sex drive) grow stronger, so when you and your lover reconnect, your sexual connection and magnetism will be through the roof!

Once Capricorn Season begins on December 22, followed by a transformative Cancer Full Moon on December 22, you’ll notice yourself taking love and sex more seriously than you did this month. The Full Moon will be directly correlated to where we were in life during Cancer Season 2018, so think back to June and July of this year and who you were sleeping with, fantasizing about, or dreaming of being with. Chances are, they’ll be on your mind more than ever and you may end up reconnecting sexually and emotionally around this time. It’s also possible that the commitment-oriented energy of the Capricorn Sun combined with the ride-or-die vibes of the Cancer Moon will lead to you catching feelings for your friends with benefits, or deepening your bond with your long-term fling or partner, and you’ll be trying to find ways to express yourself without being too vulnerable. Let yourself be vulnerable, skymates… The more you deny your urges, they stronger they become (especially the sexual urges). So give into them, and end the year with a bang.

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