Aquarius April

You are about to see what all the fuss is about, Aquarius. You know, all those people who say they crush on Aquarians, but never actually make it known to you? They’re about to come out of the woodwork this month, babe. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it — except for maybe get your body, mind and soul prepared for the increase in attention. Mars, the Planet of Action, shifted into your sign on March 30th, and will remain there for the next six weeks. If you thought life, particularly your sex life, was weird before, then get ready, because it’s about to become exponentially weirder. And this will somehow only serve to further turn you on and ignite flames within you that you didn’t realize existed to such an extent.

Your passion for life becomes visible to everyone around you this month, and this will reflect in an increased sex drive and higher libido than usual — they don’t call you the Water Bearer for nothing. You’re out here making people / getting ultra wet. Or rather, you’re in there.Whatever you view as your haven, get comfortable there this month, Aquarius. Just because Mars will be in your sign doesn’t mean your hermit-like qualities and independent streak will decrease.If anything, your desire to get lost in your own world will only increase, and it will also entice your lover(s) to want to get lost their with you — whether they’re your quarantine buddy or sexting buddy.

At first, the contrarian in you may want to push away any signs of intimacy or desires for connection. Why are you like this? The world may never know… But this month, you’ll want to find out. You’ll literally be the most curious about your own eccentricities, double standards, contradictions and potentially toxic traits. You’ll observe yourself with a deep spirit of curiosity and non-judgment. You’ll detach from others’ expectations of you as a lover, friend or human being. You’ll hold yourself accountable for the type of lover, friend or human being you’re evolving into.

With Saturn, the Teacher Planet, spending its first full month in your sign (it’ll be there until July 1st, 2020 and then return to Capricorn for a final stretch before re-entering Aquarius on December 17th, 2020 until March 7th, 2021), sex and relationships may become even more of an experiment and case study than usual, Aquarius. This isn’t at all strange or unusual for you on a personal level, because you’re the most unconventional and forward-thinking sign of the zodiac. But keep in mind that some of your partners with different zodiac placements may sometimes feel like your sexual and romantic approaches are off-putting, or even cold, particularly with Saturn in your sign these next few months.

For example, instead of just jumping into making out with someone, you may get turned on by talking about the revolution, and that will be your desired form of foreplay. Don’t hide that aspect of who you are in order to make others feel more comfortable, Aquarius. Since both Mars and Saturn are in your sign, they’re more likely to end up letting down their guard once they follow your lead, and they’ll reveal their own quirky sides and weird turn-ons that they previously kept under locks. This will take your sexual and romantic connection to completely new levels than they would have been before. Authenticity is the sexiest. But keep in mind that Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, will be in Gemini most of the month, and it’s going to be there for a while. So chances are, you’ll be in less of a strictly monogamous mood than usual during this transit. That doesn’t mean you’ll stray from committed relationships, but perhaps you or your partner will be more open when talking or sexually connecting. You may end up getting wine drunk and building a fort sometime this month, and end up exchanging who your current, childhood, or teenage crushes and fantasies are with each other. You may play truth or dare and ask each other if they other would ever want to explore polyamory, open relationships, or being swingers. You may write the screenplay for an imaginary sex party that you and your partner(s) throw for each other. Venus in Gemini energy is stereotypically associated with duality in love, so you and your partner(s) may be in the mood to explore what it means to love more than one person.

It’s totally okay for you not want to do any of the above either — there are no rules when Mars is in your sign and Venus in Gemini — but there are often plenty of surprises. Try to incorporate more elements of surprise in your sex life and relationships this month, Aquarius. People are more influenced by you than you realize, and they’ll appreciate you taking the lead by viewing and prioritizing pleasure as your birthright. Show the world how bomb it is to be alive.