Aquarius March

You are such a contrarian, Aquarius. Sometimes you may be in the mood for raunchy sex but instead you’ll bury yourself in a book and lock yourself up in your room, just because you can. During the first half of the month you may find yourself acting a bit off, particularly if you’re super horny. Mercury will re-enter your sign on March 4, and will remain there until the 16th. However, it will be retrograde until the 9th, and then there will be a post-shadow period of the retrograde that you’ll experience in your sign, before it re-enters Pisces. All of this means that you may think you know what you want romantically and sexually, but just as you’re about to commit to it, your desires change.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th can bring more stabilizing energy to your love and sex life, as it encourages you to slow down enough to even become clear about what turns you on, while assessing how much effort you’ve been putting in turning others on. While the Full Moon in Virgo may activate your seemingly indifferent side, Venus, the Planet of Love, being in its home sign of Taurus, will encourage you to practice stepping out of your comfort zone and being more sensual and passionate in your approach to communicating your romantic and sexual needs. Even if you aren’t necessarily in the mood for sex during the first half of the month, you may find yourself craving intimacy through the form of just cuddling in bed with someone while watching your favorite show. Instead of just texting them, “wanna come over?”, how about sending them a sexy haiku or meme? They’ll enjoy the extra effort you put into showing them that their presence means a lot to you.

A square between Venus and your ruler Saturn at the start of the month will have an impact on how the rest of the month plays out — so be aware about moments in your relationships where your ego and pride may be keeping you from fully revealing the depths of your needs or attractions. It’s also possible that Mercury Retrograde’s energy has you rethinking the type of relationship you want in the first place. Perhaps you thought you wanted to be poly but now you’re craving monogamy, or vice-versa. Maybe your partner wants you to be the exclusive person who they sleep with, and you’re not trying to commit right now.

The Venus-Saturn square can lead to power struggles in relationships, and since you’re a contrarian and you hate being told what to do, a part of you may end up acting in a rebellious way romantically, particularly around March 16 when Mercury leaves your sign and re-enters Pisces. Before burning bridges (or causing yourself to be sexually frustrated), pause, breathe, and figure out if it’s really worth it… Don’t worry about always being right, but focus instead of feeling understood.

Once Aries Season begins on the 19th, the astrological new year will activate your sector of communication, allowing you to be bolder, more dangerously appealing, and even aggressive about your sexual desires. Now people really won’t dare define you as an indifferent heartbreaker, because your passionate sides and sensual urges will be out in full force — you’ll find yourself going after what/who you want with greater confidence, and people will find it easier to tell if you’re actually into them or not for a change. Whewww, Aquarius, Aries Season can truly be the sexual revolution you’ve been ready for, especially when you decide to get out of your own head and prioritize the orgasms you deserve.

Once Saturn, your planetary ruler, shifts out of Capricorn and enters your sign for the first time in 29 years, you may feel like you’ve entered a completely new vortex. You’ll be taking life and yourself more seriously and more light-heartedly at the same time during this transit, which initially lasts until July 1, 2020, and then continues for 2 years starting December 17, 2020. You will be one of the most sought-after signs of the zodiac during Saturn in Aquarius, because Saturn represents the teacher planet, and people will want you to teach them skills, both in and out of the bedroom. Your desire to expand, to deepen your connection with yourself and others, and to weed out situationships in search for long-term excitement and adventure increases during this transit. You’re honestly going to be reborn with Saturn in your sign, and so is everything you thought you knew about sex, relationships and intimacy. The only thing you should know is that you don’t know anything at all. Avoid know-it-all behavior as the month ends because it’ll be a huge turn off. Accept the fact that you’re hot, you’re irresistible, and you can have everything you want with patience, communication, and the fearless pursuit of your sexual fantasies. Rawwwrrr.