Aquarius October

It’s a potent month to be an Aquarius. With the Sun in your fellow Air sign of Libra for the first three weeks of October, you’ll very much be in your element, and this will help you navigate your social and sexual connections with greater ease and less stress than last month. You are traditionally ruled by Saturn, which is no longer retrograde in your spirituality and healing sector. You may find that this month your optimism increases, allowing you to move on from a past relationship or romantic experience that still had more of a hold on you than you cared to admit.

Your modern planetary ruler is Uranus, the Planet of Surprise and Revolution. Uranus continues to be retrograde in your sector of roots and domesticity until January 2020. If you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, your sex life may go through a few twists and turns this month. Perhaps you or your partner may be craving more mental and physical stimulation, and it may be time to try new tricks. There’s also a chance that one or both of you will be feeling more distant or disconnected from each other. Instead of bottling up what you feel or attempting to brush it under the rug, take time during the first 8 days of the month to clear the air and let your partner know what’s up. Ask them what you can do to better meet their needs, sexually and emotionally, and be straight up about what they can bring to the table too. If the vibes feel off, don’t shy away from taking a break or giving each other more space to navigate your own needs individually.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, ends its five-month retrograde in Capricorn on October 3, and this lightens up the flow of the rest of the month. You’ve been going through it since April 2019, Aquarius. So much of what you thought you knew about yourself and your sexual and emotional desires was being transformed by this transit. You may have realized that a part of you is more traditional than you thought. There’s a part of you that’s drawn to commitment and monogamy, even if everyone else gets the impression that you run away from it. But you won’t just engage in that with anyone. October is a month where single Aquarians may connect with someone who stimulates both their mind and their body, and it will be such a turn-on that thoughts of that person will begin to consume their minds.

This is especially the case once Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Scorpio on October 8th, and the Aries Full Moon then occurs on October 13th. Scorpio and Aries energy invokes passion within your Aquarian soul — the type of passion that cannot be hidden or denied. Prepare to have a heart-to-heart around the middle of the month. It could be with a connection that’s been in your life for a while, or someone you recently met. Either way, a conversation that starts off casually can quickly increase in intensity and end up being an orgasmic, blissful affair that leaves you moaning all night. Whewww. You deserve. Don’t talk yourself out of sexual ecstasy, especially if it’s with someone who makes your heart go thump, thump, thump.

You see, Libra Season is all about harmonizing your relationship with yourself and others. And because you’ve been doing the work these past five months, you deserve to reap the rewards. This month, release the idea of constantly needing to improve yourself or reach a certain level of your ascension journey before being able to connect with others sexually or emotionally. Yes, you have your loner moments, and Venus in Scorpio may at times accentuate your need to be alone to recharge. However, the month of October is also imbued with profound magnetism and sensitivity that you’ll realize it’s foolish to push others away when your heart is yearning to be seen and loved on. Admitting this to yourself is the first step in achieving sexual satisfaction this month and beyond.

Once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, your career and reputation sector is activated, which means that your sex life becomes connected to your professional life. If you’re single or mingling, say yes to networking events, Halloween parties at work, or people that your coworkers want to connect you with. You’ll most likely be at the right place at the right time as the month comes to an end, and even if you thought sex or making out with someone you’re attracted to wasn’t an option for you, you may end up pleasantly surprised by what you do manifest.

Because the Scorpio New Moon on the 27th will bring out your passionate side, people will be more drawn to you and your elusive, mysterious energy. You may exchange sultry sexts with someone as the month ends. But there’s one caveat: Mercury, the Planet of Communication, begins its retrograde on the 31st of this month, and we’ll be feeling the shadow period of its upcoming retrograde as early as the second week of October. While sex with an ex may be tempting as the month ends, make sure both of your intentions are pure, and that you’re not reconnecting out of habit or loneliness. If the vibes are good, the sex will feel transcendental. And if it’s not an ex that pops back up, you may discover a sex toy or past sexual position that turns you on. Be willing to give it another try in an updated way, either solo or with someone as equally adventurous as you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you experience.