Aquarius September

Aquarius, now that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, spends another month out of your sign, activating your spirituality sector, you’ll find yourself being more selective regarding who you’re merging with sexually. That doesn’t mean you won’t be horny though, because Mars, the Planet of Action, is retrograde in Aries all month long, activating your communication sector and helping you become aware of all the times this year when you got in your own way and pushed away sexual ecstasy simply because you didn’t think the “timing was right.” You of all people should know that time is an illusion, Aquarius. This is the month where you’re meant to get what you want, be who you want, and flirt with who you want.

Venus, the Planet of Love, is currently in Leo, activating your partnership sector. Of all the zodiac signs, you and Leos are the most sought-after this month, Aquarius. Do with this info what you choose… Perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing a series of revealing selfies will lead to your current crush sliding into your DMs, inviting you on a date by month’s end, and you two hooking up in the car on the way there. With Uranus, one of your planetary rulers, currently retrograde in Taurus and activating your sector of roots, you’re seeking both thrill and consistency in your lover(s) — but how much are you putting out the energy you want to receive? With all due respect, if you want to be soulfully f*cked until you cry, make sure you’re putting out the same energy too!

That’s the intention the Virgo New Moon on September 17th will have in store for you, Water Bearer. With your sector of depth and intimacy activated, you’ll be able to take some time on your own during the second half of the month, indulge in self-pleasure, tell yourself how hot you are, and learn to tune into your more spiritual desires before then expressing it to your lover(s). Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, or you’re just starting to merge with someone new, you may be in the mood to deepen your levels of pleasure by at first holding out on immediately doing the deed. Explore tantric sex positions and foreplay if you haven’t already. Virgo Season and the Virgo New Moon will have you deeply wanting to prioritize your partner’s pleasure as much as your own, and that energy will be reciprocal. No, it’s not too good to be true. It’s what you intuitively and subconsciously have been desiring, even if your actions at times seemed to show the opposite. This is the month where you and your lover(s) realize you aren’t as indifferent or detached as you appear. The amount of depth and levels of penetration that you’ll feel and experience this month is unsurpassed, so get ready for a wildly unforgettable series of rides.