Aries August

The next five months are all about you, Aries. Finally, you get all the attention you deserve. Mars, the Planet of Sex and Action, is in your sign for the rest of the year, making you a sexual magnet. But this month you’ll be focused on quality over quantity, particularly because you’ve had your fair of attractive suitors, but if you’re not yet fully satisfied sexually and emotionally it’s because they may not have had the depth and substance you’re seeking.

Single Aries’ may find that this is the month where someone manifests in their lives and leaves them shook and deeply turned on. This only happens if you tune out the distractions and really step into the erotic vibes of the now moment. Mars in your sign wants you to be the change you’ve been seeking, so if things are boring or not as exciting in your sex life, this is the month where you take things up a notch by leading by example. People will follow your lead, so just tell them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Telling them once should be enough, because your energy is so magnetic and captivating that your potential / past / current / future suitors will want to bend over backwards to please you. This energy is quite palpable, so make the most of it and indulge in the sexual bliss you deserve.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd will be felt throughout the first two weeks of August, and it activates your sector of tech and friendship. A connection you made online about six months ago may be coming full circle this month. Either you’ll realize that you’re really into each other and want to do more than just sext or DM each other memes, or you’ll realize that the connection has faded, and it’s time to peacefully detach and let go. Since the Aquarius Moon makes a square to Uranus in Taurus, and this activates your sector of abundance, whatever decision you make may lead to you feeling very fulfilled sexually and emotionally down the line. For example, if you let go of what you know you’re no longer connected to, you could manifest someone new just a few days or weeks later, especially while Mars is direct in your sign. And if you admit that you’re actually deeply drawn to someone you had previously kept things chill with, you’ll end up having the best sex or make-out sessions of your life, even if it’s virtually to start off. Accept the abundance, Aries.

With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, entering Leo this month, and Venus, the Planet of Connection, shifting out of Gemini for the first time in four months on the 7th and entering Cancer, you may feel a bit of sexual whiplash. A part of you wants your freaky, confident, attention-grasping side to take the lead with Mercury in Leo activating your sector of fun, fate, and true love for four weeks. But Cancer Season’s energy activates your domestic sector, and with Venus there, a part of you may be seeking consistency and stability over wild rambunctiousness. How about you find a way to blend both?

Perhaps you’ll want to only have sex with one (or two) people consistently this month, but you’ll want to do it in the most raunchy, naughty, dramatic of ways. You may even decide to shoot your own film — particularly during Leo Season and the Leo New Moon on the 18th. Whoever is connected with you sexually during the second half of August will feel like the luckiest person alive. You’re about to unleash a side of you that they’ve never seen before, and you’ll leave them craving so much more. Sex isn’t just about sex for you this month. You may be catching feelings in ways that make you want to transcend to an other realm with your lover(s).

Once Virgo Season begins on the 22nd, your sector of health and service is activated, and this helps you slow your roll in your sexual connections and evaluate what you really want right now. People may show up at your door, begging for you to love them, but if the vibes aren’t there, you’ll tell them to go home. You’re more likely to spend the end of the month pleasing yourself rather than entertaining just anyone, and this is part of your sexual glow-up, Aries. The more you turn yourself on, the more the world becomes turned on by you. It’s a cosmic law, and you’ve tapped into that magic and can now manifest whoever you’d like. Enjoy Mars’ presence in your sign this month Aries. Abracadabra, baby.

One thing to note is that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is still retrograde in your sign until December though, and this means that sex and healing will go hand in hand. While Mars in Aries is boosting your self-confidence, Chiron in Aries highlights the insecurities you’re still healing. During Virgo Season in particular, you’ll be seeking the types of lover(s) who don’t run from your more withdrawn side, but who kiss you all over your body, letting you know they’re here for you, and want to heal with you. If you’ve already manifested that, then this month will be one of the most sexually satisfying you’ve experienced this year. If you’re still manifesting that, use the Leo New Moon energy and Virgo Season to get serious about your desires. By month’s end, you’ll define what sexual healing means to you. Indulge.