Aries December

Aries, your sex life is undergoing a metamorphosis this month, particularly after December 12, once Chiron ends its retrograde in your sign. During Chiron retrograde, you may have felt more easily triggered in your relationships, making it more challenging to be fully present during sex. You may have also been so caught up in illusions about how you’d wish things “should” be with your romantic partner(s), that you lost touch of the infinite possibilities of how things could become. With it being Sag Season until the 21st, your sector of adventure and expansion is activated, allowing you to open yourself up more in love and sex. Sag Season helps you experiment with new sexual styles, toys, and people — but just make sure you don’t end up overly stimulated by all the options.

Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn on December 2 can help temper some of the wilder, more uninhibited sexual energy you’ll be feeling. Your career sector will be activated for the next 13 months, so if you’re single but have been crushing on someone at work, chances are you will deepen your connection from being coworkers to being coworkers with benefits (or even a full-on couple) sometime within these next 13 months.

Alternatively, a coworker may be introduce you to someone this month whom you feel a strong attraction to. If you’re already boo’d up, take time this month to work on a professional or creative project with your partner — there’s something about building an empire together that will turn you both on immensely, and you may end up rewarding every major (or mini) milestone with sex. Let fellow Aries’ Mariah Carey’s song “Touch My Body” be your anthem as you boldly explore your business and sexual inclinations.

Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in Capricorn until December 20, and Mars, the Planet of Action, will be in Scorpio all month long. Since you’re ruled by Mars, you may be drawn to Scorpios or those with strong Scorpio placement in their chart. You should also tune into Scorpio-like qualities such as daring to dive more deeply in your sexual and emotional world and see what exists on the other side.

Role-play, handcuffs, sending long texts full of sexual innuendos, blindfolding, spanking, and pushing each other’s limits (with consent) are all a possibility for you sexually with Mars in Scorpio. You may find yourself psychoanalyzing your lovers under this transit, and Venus in Capricorn can also make you feel a bit cautious of how much you let love in. Make sure your curiosity doesn’t lead to paranoia or obsession…

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, you may feel like cuffing season is at its peak, and even if you’re too prideful to admit it, you’ll be wanting to do more than just work your ass off. If you’re in a relationship, you may be surprised at how much more you two merge on an intellectual and physical level — more than you may have earlier this year. Just make sure you’re not taking yourself or your lover(s) too seriously under the Capricorn season energy.

The Capricorn eclipse on the 26th of December is one of the most life-changing moments of the year, and because it activates your career sector you may achieve a major dream at the end of the month. Don’t celebrate this alone, Aries. Have wild sex, or engage in deep flirtations with someone who knows and celebrates your worth. What’s the point of being at the top of your career game if there’s no one to celebrate with? If your heart is longing to reconnect with someone from your past, then allow yourself to reach out to them as the year ends. The decisions you make around the Capricorn New Moon eclipse will serve you for the next six months, to a year, to come. So if you decide to break toxic cycles of stringing people along or playing mind games, your sex and love life will be revolutionized by your courageous decision to start fresh, and you’ll feel supremely sexually satisfied as the month ends. Page