Aries March

With your ruler Mars in Capricorn most of the month, Aries, your sex drive will be strong and full of durability, if you know what I mean. Plus your birthday season begins this month, making Pisces Season your personal pre-game season — full of flirtatious and sexy encounters that can make the world feel hot and wet simultaneously. Before we get to Aries Season, the first 19 days of the month will have you in your feels, and you’ll be feeling much more sensitive than you have in quite some time. Pisces Season and the final days of Mercury retrograde may have you pouring your heart out to your lover, could-be lover, or the lover that once was that you can’t get off your mind (or out of your dreams and fantasies). There’s a reason they have such a present place in your consciousness, Aries. This is the month where you can decide whether the sexual and emotional connection you want with them will be fantasy, or reality.

Mercury, the Planet of Love, shifts into airy Aquarius on the 4th, the same day that Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of your sign and into Taurus for several months. You’ll be feeling both light-hearted and ultra passionate about love, which can lead to you giving mixed signals to both yourself and others about what you really want. A part of you will be ready to see what’s out there and not commit to one specific sexual partner, especially with Mercury in Aquarius activating your sector of friendship and connection. But then Venus in Taurus will be activating your sector of security and abundance, meaning that consistent and long-lasting connections will turn you on. Since Mercury will still be retrograde until the 9th, it’s likely that someone from your past will be in your life during these transits, and you’ll want to make love with them, either in person or virtually. It’s as if you need to connect with them in this way to make a decision about where to take the relationship… But not everything will be clear to you until the second half of March, Aries, so avoid making rash decisions based on your strong sexual urges or emotional desires.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th is one of the most revolutionary lunar transits you’ll experience this year, Aries, because it activates your sector of depth and intimacy, and it helps you view your sexual and romantic connections more pragmatically. What value are you bringing to each other’s lives, beyond a strong sexual connection? Alternatively, if you haven’t been that sexually active these past few months, this Virgo Full Moon may signal an end to your period of celibacy. You may find that your body is literally yearning for more of a connection, and you may feel ready to give into those urges, intentionally and with discretion. The Virgo energy will make you more private and reserved than usual. You won’t be hiding your sexual desires or your romantic interests, but you will be much more intentional about how you express those longings. Instead of tweeting about it or putting a horny meme in your IG stories, you’ll be ready to send long, heartfelt, to-the-point messages to the object(s) of your affection about what’s really on your mind, what you really want to do to them, and why you may have been in denial about those needs.

The 16th, Mercury re-enters Pisces, but this time Mercury will be direct, and it will activate your spirituality and healing sector. This is one of the best times of the month to clear sexual karma and acknowledge times when you may not have taken your sexual connections as seriously as you could. This could mean you’re ready to have a heart-to-heart with a lover who blew your mind sexually, but whom your ego may have pushed away when things went sour or when you experienced a misunderstanding.

Your birthday season and the astro new year beginning on the 19th will make it nearly impossible for people to resist you, even if they tried. It’s your chance for a fresh start romantically, financially, sexually and emotionally. You’ll feel like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon, wiser, sexier and stronger than before. The Aries New Moon on the 24th is your chance to ask the Universe, and your lover(s), for specifically what you want. And since you would have taken the time this month to truly meditate on that, your sexual fantasies are likely to become a reality. Go on an escapade to celebrate your birthday, and place no limits on the heights of sexual bliss you experience on this journey, whether it’s solo, coupled, or with more than two people hehe… Aries, you can make this month the ride of your life. As the first sign of the zodiac and the sign of supreme action, all you gotta do is just do it.