Aries May

It’s okay to feel like you’re not getting enough attention, Aries. There’s no need to have shame about that. Wanting to be seen, loved on, and adored is a completely healthy and valid urge. So own up to it then. The issue people sometimes have with you — and by people, I mean your current, past and could-be lovers who have been trying to get inside your head and understand what you really want, and who you really are — is that your mind games get frustrating and childlike at times. There are times when you playing cat and mouse or hard to get is cute and exciting, and then there are times when it’s frustrating AF and people would rather block you and mourn what they had with you rather than deal with the back and forth. Whew, a word. This is the month where you have to acknowledge your shadow side, Aries. This will serve to deepen your sexual and intimacy connections in ways you would have never before believed were possible.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th will be felt quite intensely as soon as the month begins, and since both you and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, this full moon activates your sector of depth and intimacy, and it’ll feel like you’re morphing into a more dramatic, sexy and mystifying version of yourself. Your fantasies are about to be out of this world under this full moon, and your desire to act on them will propel you to living a movie-like life, even if it’s within the confines of your home.

This is the type of full moon energy where you may dress up in your sexiest fit, or alternatively, decide to not wear anything at all, and greet your lover when they enter the room — or call them virtually to show them what you’re wearing. Your big, bold energy and presence will be striking enough to make them stop scrolling on social media or playing video games, and instead view your body as the ultimate playground. Do not hold back from unleashing your passionate nature, Aries. This is the one full moon per year where you really can’t go wild in the sheets, and also when it comes to baring your soul to the right person too.

Mars, your ruling planet, shifts out of Taurus on the 13th and enters Pisces. This activates your sector of spirituality and healing, and it will make your romantic and sexual interactions much more magnetic, sensual, dreamy and imaginative. Mars in Pisces deepens your compassion for yourself and others, so you’ll be less likely to cut people off the second they annoy you, and you’ll relax a bit on the block button too. Have you noticed that past romantic partners you may have blocked actually show up in your dreams, almost as if they were teasing or taunting you? That’s because a part of your subconscious realizes that there are things that are unresolved between you.

You may even have sex dreams about certain lovers this month, even if they are driving you crazy in your waking life or have left you feeling heartbroken. This doesn’t mean you have to kiss and make-up, but Mars in Pisces + Venus retrograde energy is ideal for getting closure and understanding other people’s point of view… It’s quite likely that either you will apologize to someone you love this month, or they’ll want to reach out to you to mend things over. It’s even possible that around the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd, you’ll reach out to each other around the same time.

Your communication sector will be activated by Gemini Season, and you’ll be ready for a fresh start. You may end up feeling so turned on by the synchronicity and the connection between you two that you’ll end up connecting sexually, either in-person by tearing each other’s clothes off, or through sending each other sexts as a way to kiss and make up. The options are limitless, particularly since Venus is also in Gemini until August, activating your communication sector. You may want it all, so at least own up to it and communicate that with those you want. If you want more time solo, communicate that too. This is a year of unforeseen experiences, but the one thing you can control is what you want your lover(s) to know about you. Instead of keeping them guessing, tell the truth.

It’s retrograde season this month with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto seemingly undergoing a backwards journey for the next several months. What does this mean for your sex life? You may decide you want to slow down from sexual stimulation for a while, and undergo a more inward journey. You’ll still indulge in self-stimulation as you please, and if anything, this retrograde season will deepen your attraction to yourself, particularly if you were feeling a bit off these past few weeks. Finding a balance between self-pleasure and being adorned by those who are your #1 fans is key to your sexual and emotional fulfilment this month, Aries. Healing and great sex aren’t mutually exclusive — you can heal while getting all your sexual needs met, and you can feel great while doing it too. This is the month where you shouldn’t hold back. Rawwwr.