Aries November

Welcome to November, Aries. With the Sun in sultry Scorpio during the first  three weeks of the month, your sector of depth and merging is activated, and your  sexual drive will feel super intense — sometimes unbearably so. If you haven’t had  sex in a while, your horniness levels will be through the roof. Find an outlet for all  that passion and desire, be it through physical exercise or regular masturbation.  The fact that Venus will be retrograde in Libra for the first 16 days and highlighting  your partnership sector doesn’t make things easier for you either, Aries. You may  find yourself second-guessing some of your romantic and sexual decisions during  Venus Retrograde. One day you may feel confident about what you want from love  and sex, and the next you may feel completely unsure.   Fortunately, the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th will provide you  with more clarity and precision when it comes to what really turns you on and why.  You’ll realize that you’re at a point in your life where you’re seeking depth,  commitment and transparency in your relationships. Even if you previously were  playing it cool and attempting to remain detached emotionally, the energy of  Scorpio Season, the New Moon and Venus in Libra will catapult you to a completely  new state of mind, and you won’t be able to run from some of the emotions you’ve  been harboring deep within your soul for a while now. If this all seems too intense  for you to handle, remember that you can take your time to process whatever  comes up. That’s what Venus Retrograde is best for — re-evaluating your actions  and making sure that the sex you have this month is aligned with you living your  best life.   A major astrological event takes place on November 6, the day before the  New Moon: Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, re-enters your zodiac sign for the final  time in 84 years! It will remain in your sign until March 2019. This means that you  may all of a sudden become awakened to romantic and sexual urges that you’d  really like to explore. If you’re already in a relationship, hopefully your partner will  be open to experimenting and trying new things, because you’ll be in the mood to  this month. Since Uranus is still retrograde until early next year, some of your  desires may have to do with sexual positions you’ve tried out in the past, or dreamt  of trying in the past. Perhaps you’ll remember a period where you took more risks  and were more carefree — this is the month to bring back that same energy, while  still being selective and intentional with whom you share it. Jupiter, the Planet of  Abundance, enters Sagittarius on the 8th of November, and since Sag is a fellow  Fire sign, you will begin a 13-month cycle of letting yourself truly bask in expansive  energy that allows your sexual nature to shine fearlessly. You’ll go after what you  want with boldness and ease, and that will make you a happier and more satisfied  Aries all around.

Sag Season continues this more optimistic and spontaneous energy, and  helps you move past the emotional extremes of Scorpio Season. Then on the 23rd,  the Gemini Full Moon lights up your communication sector and if you’re a single or  mingling Aries, you make you have to choose between two options when it comes  to who you would like to sleep with or be with romantically. Make sure that you’re  taking time to merge with those who light you up, and that you’re not leading  anyone on out of security or liking the attention. Treat others with compassion and  be willing to close the doors on relationships that you’ve outgrown. When you  release partners who no longer resonate with you, you make room for the  connections that are soul-stirring and truly meant for you.   You’ll have this realization as the month ends, and especially around the time  Neptune Retrograde ends on November 24th, activating your spirituality and  closure sector. November will truly be a sexually liberating and enlightening month  for you, so indulge in this awakening experience by being as present as possible  when having sex. Realize that you create and manifest your own sexual and  romantic fantasies by being attuned to the power of your intuition. Minimize the  distractions and listen to your body this month. Be drawn to the partner(s) who can  vibe with your free spirit without taming your urges or fiery energy. This  November, have fun exploring the infinite facets of your sexual nature!