Cancer March

Happy March, Cancer! This month you’ll be acting brand new, and this will take all your partners or potential baes by surprise, especially in the bedroom. You’re known as a sensual yet freaky lover, and the Pisces energy in the cosmos will make things wetter and sexier than ever, both in your fantasies and real life. You’re usually turned on by commitment and thoughts of long-term bonds, but with it being Pisces Season for the first 3 weeks of the month, you’ll actually be ready to expand your consciousness when it comes to what your sex and love life looks and feels like. This is a month where you can either attract a new sexual partner — completely different than anyone you’ve been with before — or take things to the next level with your current sex partner(s).

Even though Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th to the 28th, your level of self-awareness will help you be clear about the sexual stimulation you desire, and from whom you desire it. Matters of the past will pop up a lot this month, and for single Cancers, you may end up attracting “the one that got away”, or even “the one who pops back up to say hey”. Anything is possible, and you shouldn’t freak out if someone you thought would never re-enter your life suddenly manifests. You should, however, take time to process what you really want and how you’d like to react. If you intuitively know that you’ve been fantasizing about someone, and they are readily here before your eyes, then there’s no point in trying to rationalize things. Let your soul and body do the talking for you. If, however you feel resistance, angst, or even fear (even if there is a profound sexual attraction), then press pause and reflect your heightened sex drive towards yourself first and foremost.

The Pisces New Moon on the 6th has mystical energy that helps heal your insecurities in your sex and romantic life. You’ll feel it for the 10 days following the New Moon, and it’s the perfect time to set intentions about how you’d like to break out of your comfort zone, try new risqué positions, and not come off as the “goody two shoes” Cancer that you’ve been stereotyped as. Most importantly, this New Moon will help you realize that although the tough shell that you protect yourself with isn’t as necessary as you may think it is. Yes, it does help you weed out people who waste your time and energy, but sometimes it also pushes away people who may appear in your life in a different form than you initially expected… So release the boundaries, especially between the 6th and 16th of the month, and get ready for a soul-stirring sexual interaction (even if it’s just flirting or sexting, to begin with).

For coupled Cancers, this New Moon has the potential to be a ground-breaking fresh start, especially since it takes place the same day that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifts into Taurus for 7 years! Your friendship and social network sector is activated, so what may happen between now and 2026 is that you’ll have more open conversations with your partner about people you have crushes on, people who have hit on you (or whom you have it on), and people whom you’re attracted to. This isn’t something that’ll necessarily happen overnight, but it is something that will be on your mind this month, and your partner may even sense it. It’s best to have open and free conversations, without putting too much pressure on you or your partner either way. You may be surprised at how much closer you two become as a result of you letting down your guard. This energy will especially be felt from March 6 – 16 when the New Moon magic is most healing and transformative. If you find yourself crying while making love, chalk it up to the Pisces New Moon vibes — your sensitivity will be at an all-time high, but your sexual ecstasy and bliss will be too.

On the 20th, Aries Season begins and helps you boss up in all areas of your life, especially sexually. Because you would have worked on diving into vulnerability during Pisces Season, people will find you even sexier and more magnetic during Aries Season. You’ll be walking with a little kick to your step, and you’ll notice more eyes on you, no matter your relationship status. Be clear about what you want to do with all that attention. If you’re craving multiple partners or various sex experiences, give in to that desire instead of trying to condition yourself to limit yourself to just one. If you are quite happy with monogamy or very selective sexual interactions, then Aries Season will encourage you to be clear about that. Don’t worry about potentially scaring your partner away. The more you can listen to each other, the more turned on you’ll be, especially around the Full Moon in Libra that also takes place on the 20th. This may be the sexiest, steamiest night of the month for you, Cancer, because everything that was previously unspoken will finally be expressed, leading to an orgasmic sexual, emotional and intellectual connection.