Capricorn December

This is a major month for you, Capricorn. Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system, enters your zodiac sign on December 2nd, and remains there for 13 months. Jupiter isn’t always at ease in your sign because it symbolizes expansion and adventure, and you’re all about practicality and reason. But ultimately this energy is necessary for humanity, and especially for you, because it reminds us all that you have to put in work to get what’s really meant for you. This is especially true sexually speaking.

When Jupiter was in Sagittarius these past 13 months, it was activating your spirituality and healing sector, making you realize all the ways you compromised your emotional and sexual needs in order to keep the peace in your connections. Jupiter in Sag increased your capacity to heal from past wounds, though, so Jupiter in Capricorn will make you more sexually curious and explorative — but also extremely intentional and selective when it comes to sex and intimacy.

The energy of the Sag New Moon in your spirituality sector will be felt throughout the first 10 days of the Moon, and this will help you realize some of the sexual blockages that have existed within you, not only this year, but for the entire decade or beyond. Take time before the Gemini Full Moon occurs on the 12th to honestly admit when you’ve let your hermit nature lead to you being sexually frustrated or emotionally misunderstood. With Jupiter now in your sign, your ability to attract partners who get you will increase, as will your ability to attract people who want you, and who you want back. Let fellow Capricorn John Legend’s song “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” be your anthem as you hit up your lover(s) like: “Come on, let me kiss that. Ooh, I know you miss that.” Ahaha.

Single Capricorns should be prepared for people to slide into their DMs, especially during Sag Season the first three weeks of December. When you blend the energy of Venus in your sign with the Sun in Sag and Mars in Scorpio, you’ll find yourself being more daring and risqué when communicating to people you’re into. If you haven’t had sex in a while, Venus in your sign will have you fantasizing about it, but also trying to control your physical urges. Mars in Scorpio’s energy can help draw you to people who are also horny, but who do not only want you for sexual reasons. Your chances of attracting a profound connection with someone who makes you feel seen, respected, and sexy AF increases with this energy.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Sag on the 9th, activating your healing and spirituality sector. This will help you let go of pettiness and resentment that you may feel towards past sexual partners or lovers, Capricorn. With so many placements in your sign this month, Mercury in Sag will help you remain optimistic and hilarious, which will add much spunk to your sexual aura. Just when people will expect you to be predictable in the bedroom, a completely new side of you will emerge, and you may even surprise yourself with the type of sexual scenarios you fantasize about under this transit. Sex will feel more spiritual than usual, and you’ll realize how much you may have limited yourself from fully exploring your sexuality this year.

Your birthday season begins the 21st, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign occurs 5 days later, on December 26th. When they say “end the year with a bang”, they’re literally referring to you, and this rare annular eclipse that’s all about you. Who are you when you’re your most sexually free, supremely confident, and unapologetically erotic self, Capricorn? What type of lover(s) do you attract when you magnetically walk through the world knowing your worth and setting your intentions? This is the final eclipse and New Moon of the decade, and the fact that it’s in your sign means that life is about to blow you away sexually, romantically, financially and professionally these next six months. If you’re in a committed relationship that makes you feel nourished, this eclipse will catapult your connection to deeper and more orgasmic heights.

Definitely have soul-stirring sex at month’s end. If you’re single, healing from past loves, or celibate, say yes to dates if you feel drawn to them, or have fun dressing up in a look that amps up your sex appeal, and take yourself out on dates around this eclipse. You’ll attract attention everywhere you go, and even if you pushed away sexual or intimate connections, the next six months has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. There’s only so much resisting you can do… But this month, place no limits to how much moaning you can do or stroking you can give/receive.