Capricorn May

What do you really want from your sex and love life, Capricorn? Get honest with yourself and don’t try to tell yourself all you care about is your career, because we know you’re more than just a one-dimensional being. You’re actually one of the most romantic and vulnerable signs of the zodiac, but people just are intimidated by your serious nature. With Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, in your sign and currently retrograde, you’re even more serious than usual. On top of that, Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, began its retrograde in your sign last month, and will be retrograde until October. The way you’re shedding old skin is remarkable to watch, and it’s not something you have to do alone, Capricorn.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th will be felt as soon as the month of May begins, and it will activate your sector of tech and social networks. Ironically, someone may slide into your DMs or you may swipe right on each other around this time and you may end up both deeply attracted to each other’s mind, bodies, and souls. Yes, souls. Scorpio energy is soul-snatching energy. If you’ve ever had sex with a Scorpio, you know what I’m talking about. And Scorpio and Capricorn are usually quite compatible — if both activate their most evolved ways of living. Therefore you’ll feel at ease with this Full Moon energy, and when you connect with someone in a serendipitous way, you won’t overthink it for once. This is one of the most magical, mysterious, sexual and irresistible full moons of the year. Think with your heart, and not your head. Understand that accepting and immersing yourself in your sensitivity leads to profound sexual release, be it with yourself, or with another.

Your desire to get to know yourself intimately and consistently intensifies this month, Capricorn. With Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, in the mystical water sign of Pisces starting the 13th of May, Your sector of communication is activated for the next six weeks. You see everything through a more romantic and nurturing filter. You’re less likely to exert firm boundaries with Mars in Pisces, and people at first may not know what to do with your more freeflowing emotional energy. People you had previously pushed away may all of a sudden feel safer connecting with you, and retrograde season has a lot to do with that. Life will feel dreamy, and if you’re flirting with more than one person, you’ll really like it. You’ll feel less inhibited and you’ll want to let them know how much they turn you on. Sexting and making love with you this month will feel like a real treat, and people will be drawn to you like bees to honey.

The only thing is that there may be a part of you that may fear being alone, and that’s why you relish in all the attention. Venus retrograde in Gemini activates your sector of health and service. This is one of the best times for you to work through any insecurities that may exist if you find yourself using material objects as a way to show your lover how much you value them. If you’re overindulging in physical objects as a way to fill an emotional void, Venus in Gemini’s retrograde will encourage you to assess this in an emotionally detached way, and understand if there are parts of you that are longing to be seen and valued, but may be afraid of asking for it.

This translates to your sex life too. Is there something you want to experience with your lover, or perhaps with someone other than your lover, that you’re too afraid to bring up? The combination of retrograde season and the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd will help you realize that even what you don’t express ends up being expressed one way or another. People too often peg you to be one type of lover, but they’re about to discover you’re so much more… And you can take them to heights they had never realized they could reach. They have to trust you, though, and you’ll have to trust them. That’s when the non-stop orgasm train truly commences. End the month of May setting New Moon intentions regarding the reciprocity you want to feel in your sexual and emotional connections. Get specific about how much fun you want to have, and how nasty you want to get with someone who isn’t afraid of your darker fantasies. They can be real.