Capricorn November

Welcome to November, Capricorn. You can feel the vibes of your birthday season approaching next month, and this will make this month quite exciting for you as you prepare for your annual rebirth. The Sun spends the first three weeks of  November in the sensual sign of Scorpio, activating your networking and friendship sector and helping you get more in tune with what exists outside of your comfort zone. This month you may try out some new sexual positions and experiences, and you’ll really like what you find. Although you’re known for being super private and reserved, the Scorpio Sun will encourage you to open up to your friends about your sex life, and they’ll open up to you too. You don’t have to reveal every dirty deed you’ve done, but have fun to exchange stories and giving each other tips on how to spice things up with your partner(s). You’ll be surprised at how much you resonate  with other people’s experiences, and you’ll appreciate the advice they have to give  too.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 7th of November may lead to some steamy  sexting conversations, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Don’t  underestimate the power of technology between November 7th and 17th when it  comes to boosting your sex life. An article you read online, a person you swipe right  for, or a series of naughty texts you send your boo can ignite some serious flames in  the bedroom and make you daydream of your sexual encounters while at work.  Your frisky and passionate side is activated this Scorpio Season, and since Venus,  the Planet of Love, will be retrograde the first two weeks of November, single  Capricorns may end up hooking up with someone from their past or someone  they’ve fantasized of being with for quite some time. Capricorns in a relationship  may have to work through any past drama in relationships in order to truly have  amazing sex. If you’re still hung up about something that happened a few months or  weeks back, it’ll be hard for you to get out of your own head and fully enjoy  lovemaking. Have the difficult conversation around November 16th – 20th — it  probably won’t be as challenging as you made it out to be in your mind, and it will  most likely be followed by extremely satisfying makeup sex.

On November 16th, Mars, the Planet of Action, enters the sensitive and  whimsical sign of Pisces for six weeks. While you tend to be a more practical and  organized being, Mars being in Pisces will encourage you to go with the flow more  and be less picky about everything in your love and sex life. That doesn’t mean that  you’ll lower your standards for anyone, but it does mean that you’ll be more open to  sexual experiences that are out of the norm and that take you out of your comfort  zone. Your communication sector is activated with the Mars in Pisces transit, so  you may find yourself revealing to your partner what your deepest sexual fantasy is, and they’ll reveal theirs to you too. Chances are high that they’ll be turned on by  this admission, and they’ll be willing to turn that fantasy into a reality. Get ready…

On November 22, the Sun shifts into fiery Sagittarius, lighting up your  spirituality and healing sector. This takes place one day before the Gemini Full  Moon, and two days before Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, ends its five-month  retrograde. The last eight days of November will therefore be characterized by  closure and endings. If you know that you’ve held on to an unhealthy relationship, it  may be time to let it go. It may also simply be a pattern or mindset about your own  body image that’s held you back from fully engaging in the act with passion and  fulfillment. The Gemini Full Moon may allow you to see yourself in a better light,  and as a result, other people will see you in such a light too. You may find yourself  feeling a bit emotional and vulnerable as the month comes to an end, but that will  simply be sexy and deeply alluring to your partner(s). Instead of coming off as  intimidating, you’ll come off as real, and by letting down your guard as November  comes to an end, you’ll increase your ability to let others in and truly deepen your  sexual connection. November is the perfect warm-up to Capricorn Season, so put  in the work now so that you can have the best birthday sex in the month ahead.