Capricorn September

Capricorn, Jupiter is now direct in your sign, which means you’re one of the universal favorites right now. Everyone wants a piece of you, and yet, you’re running from everyone and prioritizing your relationship with self this month. This doesn’t mean you won’t want to have sex or to merge with someone special. It just means that after a four-month retrograde that has had you re-evaluating your priorities, you’re realizing that you have to clear out some old sexual habits or unhealthy relationship patterns in order to tap into the most orgasmic and ecstatic reality that you’ve been manifesting.

Jupiter retrograde may have led to you getting caught up in situationships that were thrilling in the moment, but ultimately unfulfilling. But this month, particularly around the Virgo New Moon, you’ll have an “aha” moment that helps you level up and go after specifically what you want in bed and in life. With Mars, the Planet of Action, currently retrograde in your sector of roots, you’ll be in the mood to be a homebody with someone special — maybe a Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces in particular (or someone with much of that energy in their chart) may be drawn to you. At first the intensity of their attraction to you will seem overwhelming. But if you simply give into their intoxicating magic, you’ll end up indulging in levels of bliss and passion that leave you begging for more. You’ll realize that you’ve denied yourself pleasure for silly reasons, and there’s something powerful about giving into what you want in the now moment.

Take time in the two weeks after September 17th to set intentions about what it would feel like to surrender more to your freakiest, naughtiest desires, and not overthink the when, the how, the who, etc… Be the sexual superstar that you are in your dreams, and let everyone know what all the fuss is about. Well, not everyone, of course. But open yourself up to those who want to love on you, who want to kiss every part of you, who want to massage every inch of you, who want you to consume them, spank them, handcuff them, and tell them exactly what to do, and not do. Jupiter in Capricorn has you calling the shots — your lover(s) view it as sexy. Your imagination is also turned on high this month, so if you’re riding solo but you’re indulging in self-pleasure, you have the ability to visualize your ideal sex life into existence. Listen to Love Mantra by Dossé-Via on repeat as you touch yourself in ways that you’d want your lover to touch you. Soon, you’ll start opening yourself up to the possibility of them manifesting in the next few weeks. Jupiter in Capricorn’s energy is quite potent, and by the time Saturn, the Planet of Challenge ends its retrograde on the 29th, you’ll notice that many of your sexual and emotional hangups will have disappeared, and your ability to fully dive into the sexual experience will deepen.