Gemini June

Your ruler Mercury’s about to experience its second retrograde of 2020 this month, Gemini. It’ll take place in Cancer, activating your sector of abundance and self-esteem. You may have a moment where you actually want to hold off on exploring new connections, and work on healing the ones you already have. This includes sexual healing. You don’t have to hold on to the idea that in order to heal it means you have to push everyone away, including people who love and care for you. Let your birthday season remind you of how sexy, irresistible, and magnetic you are, Gemini. Even people who claim to hate you still have you on their mind, and many of your ex lovers or could-be-lovers will find themselves in your orbit this month, even if they try their best to resist your tantalizing energy.

Your mission is to show people the multiple sides of who you really are this season. You’re more than just a dual-being. You’re more like a chameleon — this is particularly fun in the bedroom because people feel like they’re with more than one lover at once, and you yourself feel like more than one lover at once. Dive more deeply into experimentation this month, Gemini, particularly since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is in the sensitive Water Sign of Cancer until August. These next two months of your ruler in such an intuitive sign will make you more likely to be swayed by your heart’s desires rather than your mind’s reason. This will be refreshing for you and your partner(s), but also a bit confusing, particularly since Venus is still retrograde in your sign until the 24th. One minute you’re all on top of them, the next you’re pushing them away.

Since Venus only retrogrades every 18 months, you may find yourself thinking back to where you were in your love and sex life a year and a half ago. So much has changed since then. Many Geminis may have found that they previously were in comfortable yet deep down unsatisfying sexual unions back then, and now you may have perhaps freed yourself from their unions, but how happy are you really? Are you insatiably searching for the next best thing? Will you ever really be sexually and emotionally satisfied, Gemini? These are the types of questions this powerfully transformative eclipse month will have you asking yourself, and others will be asking you too. Some may even ask you in the middle of a raunchy round of sex! Be prepared.

It’s also quite possible that Mercury’s retrograde in your security sector, which starts on June 17th, can lead to you being drawn to past sexual dreams, fantasies, or people that may or may not actually be good for your current stage of life. Even if you try to push them away, your eyes and heart will long for them, and you’ll find yourself having a tug of war, particularly around the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, which intensifies your sexual and romantic urges like none other. If you’ve been ready to end the cycle of wanting what you can’t have, take time around the 20th of June to set intentions for a more sustainable way of loving and being loved. This begins by admitting what you want from love, and also showing your lover, when making love to them, that you’re about more than just talk. You’re also about action.

Many people accuse Geminis of being shallow and easily bored, and while there is some truth to that stereotype, there’s also a side of you that can be deeply loyal and penetrating when you fall for something or decide to commit. This is one of those months where you’ll vacillate from wanting to be the ultimate bachelor and bachelorette to wanting to be all cuddled up with your bae, watching foreign movies and while giving each other handjobs and doing 69. You’re seeking someone who’s not going to judge you for being “too freaky/horny/turned on”. If you already have that partner in your life, the Cancer eclipse will bring out your lovey-dovey side this month. You’ll feel so drawn to their energy that you may decide to take a leap in your relationship and do something pretty drastic like elope, move in together, or try for kids. But slow your roll, because it’s best to give yourself time for the eclipse energy to calm down before radicalizing your sex and love life all at once, Gemini. Wait til Venus goes direct the 24th. In the meantime, have bomb sex.