Gemini March

With your ruler Mercury still retrograde for the first half of March, take your time when choosing who you want to merge with sexually and emotionally this month, Gemini, or else you could end up hurting people’s feelings, or worse — one or both of your twins could end up heartbroken. Whewwww. Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius is the ultimate mindfuck for you, because you both simultaneously want to run away from your feelings and intellectualize them at the same time. This retrograde may have made you evaluate the way you showed up as a lover in these past six months. What were the pros, what were the cons? If you were your partner or potential love interests, would you want to date yourself? Would you feel safe falling in love with yourself? Why or why not?

Told you you can’t run from the feels, Gem. And you really shouldn’t, particularly once the Virgo Full Moon takes place on the 9th, activating your sector of roots and the past. Some of your sexual decisions from the past six months may come catching up to you at this time, Gemini, particularly since the Full Moon takes place the same day that Mercury goes direct in the sign of Aquarius. You may find that partners you may have taken for granted or hurt — either intentionally or unintentionally, return to the forefront of your consciousness. You may feel like it’s time to give them an apology, a sincere one where you’re not making any excuses for what you did.

Even if you don’t think you did anything wrong, this Virgo Full Moon may lead to you needing to reconnect with yourself and your own sexual inclinations. Do you have sex just for the temporary high it gives you, or do you have it for a true desire of sexual connection and synergy? There’s no right or wrong to this question because it’s your sex life. But Mercury Retrograde may have made things a bit foggy for you, sexually speaking, and this Full Moon gives you the opportunity to clear things up with your own self, as well as anyone you currently or once were sexually connected to.

On the 16th, your ruler re-enters Pisces, and this time it will be direct in your sector of career and reputation. A workplace fantasy you may have had may come to life mid-month, as someone may admit that they’ve been wishing you’d bang them on the office table or, in a slightly less aggressive fantasy, they’d want you to take them out for happy hour and get tipsy with them and then make out in the car as you wait for yourselves to sober up. Your more daring and reckless side will emerge with Mercury back in Pisces and no longer retrograde, but be careful that you’re not leading people on just because you like the attention… Mercury’s post-shadow retrograde period will still last for several weeks, so make sure that you can deliver on all those promises you’ve been sexting, shawty.

The 19th, the astro new year begins in the sign of Aries, activating your sector of tech and social networks. This would be a great time to clear your DMs of old, outdated energy from people you were talking to but may no longer be interested in. The same goes for your text messages, camera roll, inbox, etc… As the sign of communication, you thrive in tech-based relationships, but you can also get easily overwhelmed by them. You’ll have to clear out the nonessentials and make room for fresh, updated sexual and romantic energy to enter your life this Aries Season.

Your social side will emerge and your extraverted twin will take the lead this Aries Season, making you a universal favorite when it comes to new and old admirers coming out of the woodwork. Even those who can’t stand you will find themselves thinking of you and wanting to hear you out. Use these magnetic powers wisely, Gem. It’s a new year, so you can create a new reputation for yourself. You don’t have to be seen as a heartless player unless you want to be. You can show the world your more versatile traits as a lover — you can be charming, sexually magnetic, and consistent when you want to be.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius on the 21st activates your sector of expansion and adventure, and the Aries New Moon on the 24th activates your sector of social networks, so you may find yourself planning a trip as the month ends — this is the type of trip you can either take bae on, or one where you’ll meet a new bae. Release all inhibitions and let your wild, somewhat reckless side emerge as the month rounds out. You would have done your share of soul-searching, forgiving, and recalibrating. Now it’s time to let your body take the lead in an adventurous and expansive way as you explore new positions with new partners, or with existing partners who see you and life from a fresh perspective. You’re the sign of the zodiac that gets easily bored, so all you desire is someone who has your level of adventurousness and openness to exploration. Abracadbra babe — as the astro new year begins, your wish is the Universe’s command.