Leo December

Leo, you are ruled by the Sun, and with your planetary ruler currently in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius until December 21st, your sex and love life will feel like the ultimate movie, but only if you allow yourself to be the star. Leos are often stereotyped as the center of attention of the zodiac, but few people know the insecurities you actually harbor deep within. This month, the Sag Sun in your sector of fate and true love will help you heal from many of those pent-up feelings you’ve kept within, and it will also help you find hilarious and sexy ways to express your truth to those you love. They’re out here trippin’ about you potentially being over them or not caring about them, when in reality you may be feeling the same way about them! Your pride and ego has stopped you from such incredible sexual and emotional connections in the past, but the Sag New Moon’s energy is helping you start fresh and be less controlling of your love and sex life. Big 2020 energy!

On 12/12, the Gemini Full Moon activates your sector of friendships and social networks. Someone you met on a dating app about six months and that you previously thought wasn’t to be taken seriously may surprise the f*ck out of you by showing you a new side of their essence — one that turns you on immensely. It’s not even necessarily that they will want to commit in a super-serious way, but they will show you how much they admire you and your energy, and that will feel super refreshing.

If you’re already boo’d up, the Gemini Full Moon is the perfect time to go on a date or to travel somewhere new with your lover(s). Your sexual attraction to each other will be through the roof, which can lead to you literally having sex on a roof or in a wildly spontaneous location. It will feel so refreshing to let out your inner adolescent and not care too much about what societally acceptable sexual experiences are like. You make the rules under this Full Moon, Leo. Let your wildest desires be fulfilled. Be inspired by fellow Leo J-Lo’s song “Waiting for Tonight” as you manifest bomb and unforgettable sex sessions.

Since Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Scorpio, activating your sector of roots and domesticity, a part of you will want to make sure that people aren’t characterizing you solely as a supremely sexual being. There’s a part of you that seeks commitment and loyalty, even if it looks like you’re just out here having fun. But since you’re such an attractive and flirtatious person, sometimes people get the wrong impression of what it is that you want, and who it is that you are. Use the magnetic energy of Mars in Scorpio to blend honest, heart-opening conversations with your sensual foreplay, that way when people see you, they really see you, and not just the illusion or fantasies they have of you.

Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, spends its first full month direct in the sign of Pisces, which activates your sector of health and service. This may make you realize moments in the past five months where you’ve sacrificed some of your emotional needs in order to stay connected to someone who may have made you feel sexually blissful. Now that Neptune is direct, you’ll find yourself being less of a people-pleaser, and you’ll be increasingly able to set the necessary boundaries so that people treat you in a way that makes you feel both emotionally and sexually at ease. This may mean having some intense conversations about your love language, and about whatever’s been brewing in your heart that you have yet to express. You’ll feel so much better once you do, and if your lover(s) can handle the heat, it’ll only increase your sexual attraction to each other.

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, and Venus enters Aquarius on the 20th, you’ll find that love is increasingly on your mind, but you’ll also feel more emotionally detached at the month’s end. The key is to make sure that you still express what your sexual needs are, even if you’re in a more intellectual or chill mood. People may mistake your aloofness for indifference, and if neither you or your bae / potential bae actually express what you want from each other, you may end the month feeling sexually frustrated. It’s quite possible that Venus’ entrance in Aquarius makes you more focused on healing from past sexual and emotional connections rather than depending on existing/potential ones. Venus in Aquarius will also make you more kinky and progressive in bed, allowing you to be open to threesomes or other unconventional sexual experiences that will enhance your sexual experiences as the year comes to an end. Ooh la laaa.