Leo May

Hey, Leo. This month you may be craving some fire in your life, and this is literally because there are basically no planets in fire signs at this point in time. You may be feeling more horny, but it may have gotten to the point where you know how to numb the feeling. There’s no need to torture yourself in this way, Leo. This month has many tricks up its sleeve for you, and part of the sexual wonder comes from slowing down and intentionally taking in all the love you have to give and receive.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th will be felt as soon as the month begins, and it activates your sector of roots and the past. You may be closing a six-month chapter in a relationship, one that has very deep ties to your heart and soul. You have to let that chapter go in order to secure your sexual ecstasy. This full moon energy is so strong that you’ll notice that your spiritual and sexual evolution is connected. The more you heal, the more your sexual prowess and magnetism expands.

Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Pisces mid-May, and this activates your sector of depth and intimacy for the next six weeks. If you’re already boo’d up, you’ll find yourself able to connect and merge with your lover more intuitively. You’ll know if they’re horny and craving you just with one look, and you’ll also be able to give them “the look” and they’ll know what time it is. This period of time will feel quite refreshing for you, and there’s no need to overthink it.

This can be one of the most loving periods of the year, Leo. Your sex appeal skyrockets, and you’ll find yourself more lovey-dovey than usual. Cuddle with bae if they’re within your proximity, and if you’re riding solo, indulge in a new sex toy or sexual fantasy as a way to stimulate yourself mentally and physically… There are no limits to how much pleasure you can experience when Mars is in Pisces.

It’s retrograde season this month, meaning that a part of you may be fantasising about having sex with someone from your past who has had a huge influence on you. For some Leos, that person may be an Aquarius or someone with several Aquarius placements in their chart. This is due to the fact that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is beginning its retrograde in Aquarius on the 11th, and this activates Leo’s partnership and marriage sector. You’re a passionate mastermind, Leo, and you’re craving more than a physical connection with your lover, you want an intellectual one too. Retrograde season is here to make sure you weed out the connections that make you feel so-so, and make room for the orgasmic, endlessly blissful ones that leave you activated and seen.

Venus retrograde in Gemini may be a period where you at first think you know what or who you want, but the more you think about it, the more you realize you need a bit more time to figure it all out. Give yourself as much time as you need, just try not to keep people out in the loop. In fact, if you’ve been sexually active these past few weeks and you decide to chill out a bit during Venus Retrograde, even if you’re boo’d up, it will increase your stamina and longevity during rounds.

Venus retrograde in Gemini will lead to you vacillating from moments of profound horniness to moments of simply wanting to indulge in self-pleasure or take a break from sex altogether. That’s because Gemini is ruled by the twins, and represents duality. There’s an inner back and forth you’re experiencing this month, and this can lead to you being drawn to more than one lover too.

Once Gemini Season begins on the 20th, followed by the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd, single Leos may end up crushing hard on someone they had friend-zoned, or who had friendzoned them. It’s also likely that an internet connection will heat up considerably these final 10 days of May, and you won’t be able to get enough of each other. You’ll feel especially turned on by intellectual banter about topics that you usually don’t talk about because people don’t expect you to be interested in them. You’re about to bare your soul in ways that at first feel vulnerable, but eventually feels liberating. And the more you show your crushes, lover(s), or friends-who-mayturn-into-more who you really are, beneath the pretty facade of who the world expects you to be, the stronger your emotional and sexual magnetism becomes. As the month comes to an end, prepare to be the recipient of paragraph long texts full of sexy, flirtatious emojis letting you know how much you’re valued and desired.