Leo November

Welcome to November, Leo. You may start off in an introverted and private state of mind during Scorpio Season, which will last the first three weeks of  November. Therefore, anyone you have sex with will have to understand that you may not initially be your usual bubbly and social self, and that’s okay. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do the most, when your mind, body, and soul may need time to recharge and reflect on what this year’s lessons have been for you, Leo. The  Scorpio Sun lights up your sector of roots, the past, and the home. Anyone whom you engage with sexually must make you feel safe, secure, and loved. You’ll want to know that they’re loyal to you, and that’s when you’ll be able to give them the best of you. Therefore you won’t be in the mood for quickies or one-night stands, at least not during Scorpio Season. You’re more interested in the real deal…

But since Venus, the Planet of Love will still be retrograde in the sign of  Libra for the first half of November, it’s important for you to make sure you’re not placing unrealistic expectations on your sexual partner(s), or even on yourself. You may have a certain vision or ideal of how things should pan out for you romantically and sexually, but you may at first need to spend more time on your own, pleasing yourself first before that vision manifests. The first week of November should be dedicated to your self-care. Touch yourself, indulge in a sensual massage or bath,  use the showerhead to tickle your sexual organs, be your own lover first and foremost. This will prepare you for the energy of the Scorpio New Moon on  November 7th. You’ll feel its magic up until November 17th, and that’s when you may attract a mind-blowing sexual encounter with either someone you’ve regularly had sex with, or someone new. Because you’ve taken the time at the beginning of the month to indulge in your solitude and be more in tune with your sexual needs,  then it’ll be easier for you to express what those needs are to whomever you engage in sex with during the remaining weeks of the month. Your accountability and self-love will have paid off tremendously, Leo.

Mid-month, on November 15th, Mars, Planet of Action, shifts out of Aquarius and into Pisces for six weeks. Your desire to merge with someone sexually,  spiritually and psychologically will deepen with this Mars in Pisces transit, because your sector of merging and depth is activated by this energy. While your fire sign self-tends to live in the moment and be led by your physical desires, the key to true sexual bliss during this last half of November is to tune into your intuition. Pay attention to both what is being said and what’s not being said when it comes to those you hook up with. Watch their body language, eye contact, and their actions… Their eyes may be trying to let you know how deeply in love they are with you, even if their words are playing it cool and trying not to scare you off. The same goes for you, Leo. You may be overcome with intense emotions as you have sex, and you may even cry a little — that’s how good it’ll be during this transit! Neptune going direct on the 16th will further intensify your emotional reactions, and there ’s no escaping what comes up on that day and the week that follows.

Luckily, Sagittarius Season starts on November 22, adding some more light-hearted energy to a very sexually and emotionally intense month. Plus the  Gemini Full Moon that takes place on November 23 helps you take a break from your world of sensitivity and be more social and outgoing. You may have started off the month in your own world, but you’ll end the month in the mood to party and be wild. Keep your partner(s) in the loop as you branch out, because they may get a bit of whiplash trying to adjust from the calmer version of yourself that you previously were showing them to the out-there and highly energized version that will come out during Sagittarius Season. But ultimately, people are very attracted to your dynamism. That’s what sets you apart from the rest. They’re never bored with you in their lives.

The last week of November guarantees that you’ll be in the mood to try something new in bed. After weeks of letting your emotions lead the way, you ’ll simply let your body have its say and give into some frisky and risqué sexual urges.  Your partner should let you take the lead because you’ll be in the mood to dominate. It’s how you blow off steam — you love feeling in control and watching them gaze at you in awe as you rock their world. This rollercoaster of a month ends with a bang, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it.