Leo October

Welcome to October, Leo. During the first three weeks of the month, your communication sector is activated by Libra Season and this intensifies your popularity, your sex appeal, your charm and your overall magnetism. People will want to be around you, surrounded by you, and influenced by you and your aura. But just because that’s the case doesn’t mean you have to oblige… Continue to practice conscious selfishness and set boundaries whenever you feel the need to. Just because you were in someone’s DMs last week doesn’t mean you must hook up with them this week. Let them know what you’re into and what you’re not — period. And better yet, show them.

If you’re currently sexually involved with a partner you really like, you’ll be inspired by the recent Libra New Moon energy to explore new sides of your romantic life. Instead of diving straight into sex, tease them with sensual foreplay. Give them oil massages, kiss them from head to toe, make them beg for you. You’re usually the one who loves being praised, but the Libra energy will help you put yourself in their shoes. You’ll know what your lover wants without the need for words, and it will be tantalizing. They’ll adore being spoiled by you.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Libra on the 4th, accentuating your communication sector and making you even more flirtatious and irresistible than ever. If you’re single, prepare to get a lot of attention during Mars in Libra. But focus on quality over quantity, or else you’ll end up feeling bored and uninspired. There comes a point in time when you’re tired of receiving attention from just anyone… You want substance and long-lasting connections. Don’t try to force these things into happening, but make sure to set intentions before October 8th so you can manifest or sustain that energy in your life.

With Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, no longer retrograde starting October 3rd, you’ll notice yourself having stronger sexual fantasies and taking your sexual health more seriously. It’s a good month to get a check-up, get tested, ask your partner to get tested and be clear about the type of people you want to be surrounded by. With Pluto direct in your sector of health and wellness, your physical health is only as good as your mental and spiritual health. Some Leos may decide to take a break from sex altogether and align their chakras, cleanse their auras, or simply reconnect with their body solo before inviting someone else along for the ride.

Once the Aries New Moon takes place the 13th, it activates your sector of travel, expansion and higher consciousness. It’s a powerful time to take a trip out of the country, join a new class, or teach something new. It’s often when you step out of your comfort zone and dare to explore a new aspect of yourself that you end up vibrationally matched with someone who brings out new sexual energy in you. You may meet someone while traveling, teaching or learning, and you’ll be blown away by their magnetic energy. You just won’t be able to get enough of each other, so sex around the middle of the month will be mind-blowing and steamy. You’ll feel high off of life and extremely sexually stimulated.

The stimulation continues once Scorpio Season kicks off on the 23rd, but prepare for partners to want to have “the talk” or take things to the next level. Try to hold off on any new commitments until Mercury retrograde ends November 20th. Instead, indulge in passionate discussions and sexual explorations that bring you to new levels of bliss, but don’t take such connections to extremes to the point of becoming obsessive or addicted to sex or the need to have it. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th allows you to honestly assess when you’ve been playing mind games in love in order to feel like you’re in control. It’s time to let go of that tendency and breathe easy in your relationships, trusting that what’s for you will always be for you. That will help you be more connected to your body’s needs in the present moment, and that’s a recipe for sexual ecstasy this month and beyond.