Leo September

It’s all about you and your romantic needs this month, Leo. Now that Venus, the Planet of Love, is in your sign, many of the insecurities you may have been navigating in the past few months seem like molehills in your rear view mirror. You are like a lion(ness) that knows what they deserve, and therefore your admirer(s) will know what they want too — and they want you. The more you step into your power and fully own your irresistible sexual nature, the better, Leo. And if you’re reading this and cringing because you don’t feel that confident, it’s okay babe, the Universe will help you activate that on the New Moon in Virgo on the 17th of September. It takes place in your sector of abundance and security, and you’ll find yourself feeling activated sexually, in a very intentional way. This New Moon will have you saying bye to anyone who ever left you feeling like, “?!?!?!”, and you’ll also check yourself if you’ve been the main person making others feel that way.

This month, Leo, bearing your soul to your lover(s) about what your true desires are is exactly what you need to turn each other on. Your transparency, vulnerability and honesty will help turn them on and they’ll in turn want to be fully seen, and experienced, by you. Venus’ presence in your sign makes you even more heart-centered, loyal and sensual than usual, and it’ll be hard for anyone around you to do anything but imagine consuming every inch of you. You may not know what to do or how to direct all this attention you’re receiving, from both yourself and others. Self-pleasure this month may take you to new levels of sensual delight. You’ll turn your own self on by looking at your favorite images and touching the parts of your body you intuitively know bring you “there”. Then if you’re partnered or engaging in sex with someone, you’ll know exactly what to let them know they should do. You’ll give them instructions on how to specifically please you. And once they start, they won’t want to stop. They’ll want to go deeper, harder, stroking your hair and biting your lips. They’ll want to hear you scream their name, in a neverending way.

With Mars in Aries this month, the fiery vibes coursing through you will feel intoxicating. Your main responsibility is to avoid breaking people’s hearts by seducing them with your hypnotic and alluring magnetism. Know that your sexual energy is fierce at this time, and should be directed towards those who are a match for your ferocity. Deep down you know, so use the grounding energy of Virgo Season during the first 3 weeks of September to selectively choose who gets access to you, sexually and spiritually. Once Libra Season begins the 22nd, you’re free to flutter your wings in multiple directions, still with intention, and with an awareness that there’s an abundance of sexual bliss that you and your lover(s) have access to. You deserve it all, Leo.