Leo January

Happy New Year, Leo! This month is very special, because the first two eclipses of the year take place, including a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 21st. All month  long, you’ll feel your sex appeal increasing as you approach your eclipse. All eyes are usually on you, but they’ll especially be so this month, and you’ll have to be intentional about what you do with all this attention and energy. Your sexual desires will be on your mind from the 5th to the 15th (the peak of the New Moon energy), especially since your spirituality and healing sector will be activated. You may realize that you’ve been holding back from truly letting yourself be sexually intimate in a vulnerable way because you’re afraid that your passion will scare people away. The truth is, Leo, it very much can, but that means those aren’t your people. Make sexual and emotional satisfaction a priority this month. Say goodbyes to partners who don’t prioritize you and your sexual ecstasy. Realize that you deserve the world and more.

Venus, Planet of Love, shifts out of Scorpio on the 7th and enters fiery Sagittarius for the next few weeks. Whether single, mingling, or in a relationship, you’ll feel so much more flirtatious, charming, adventurous and spontaneous, especially when it has to do with your sexual expression. If you’ve felt like you were in a rut previously, Venus in Sag will encourage you to be more experimental and bold. You feel comfortable with Fire Sign energy, but since Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is also in Sagittarius for most of the year, it’s important for you to not try to do too much when it comes to whom you’re engaging sexually with. It may be fun to have so many admirers, or to attract your partner’s attention to easily, but make sure to have intentions behind every interaction — especially the sexual ones. Ask yourself why you’re making the choice to merge with them in that way. And the answer doesn’t have to be super deep, Leo. You could simply be horny and want sex. Be honest and admit that, so that Universe can give it to you. Also take time to admit ways in which you may need greater freedom or space to figure out your sexual needs and where they emanate from.

On January 20, the Sun shifts into Aquarius, lighting up your partnership sector for the next four weeks. Your desire to be with someone who understands you intellectually and falls in love with your mind is intensified during Aquarius Season. You’ll also be able to love and have sex with greater emotional detachment than earlier this month, and it may at first catch both you and your partner(s) off guard because it’ll initially feel like your sexual relationship is less passionate than usual. But then the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo takes place on the 21st, and yo’ll realize it was a false alarm… the eclipse energy will enhance your sex drive, your stamina, and your naughtiest dreams. You’ll feel supercharged with sexual and emotional energy around this eclipse, and it’s important for you to ground yourself and not get lost in all the energy that the eclipse will generate. Think back to what your intentions were around August 11, 2018 — that was the date of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo, and also the last eclipse of 2018. You’re likely to manifest a sexual fantasy within the last 9 days of the month, and it’ll be directly tied to your sex life from this past August.

There’s a big element of surprise that may come and shake up life as you know it anytime this month, and that’s because Uranus, the Planet of Change, will go direct in Aries during the first week of the month, and it activates your self-expression sector. During Uranus Retrograde, you may have appeared to be confident, sexy, and the ultimate sex god/goddess, but internally you were going through issues with your self-esteem and self-worth, and that may have led to you not being as confident or present when sleeping with someone. You may have also pressed pause on sexual interactions altogether. But Uranus going direct at the beginning of the month will lead to you being increasingly open to new sexual experiences this month, especially ones that throw you out of your comfort zone and help you recreate yourself.