Leo September

Welcome to September, Leo. Your security sector is activated by Virgo Season for the first three weeks of the month, making your sexual and emotional standards higher than ever. Be careful that you don’t let your pride or ego get in the way of what your body needs… There’s no need to impulsively cut off bae just because things don’t pan out exactly how you expected in your mind this month. Instead, open your mind and soul to new possibilities of what your relationship can evolve into once you release the urge to control… This will be a work in progress for you, as you are a fixed, stubborn sign, but instead of letting all that passion blow up your relationship, let it cause another kind of explosion between the sheets, if you know what I mean…

Make sure to set intentions regarding what you need to do or what you need to say to feel more emotionally secure in your relationships this month, Leo. The Virgo New Moon’s vibes will last throughout the first 2 weeks of the month, and you’ll be able to slow down enough to tune into what’s been off in your love life. There’s a chance that you kept people around because of familiarity or comfort, when all signs were making it clear that it was time to let go. Where do you see yourself six months from now, Leo? If you’re a serial monogamist, or you haven’t really had time solo for several years, you may decide to set intentions around being an empowered single individual six months from now. There’s beauty in exploring life without a partner by your side. You can still have amazing sex and let yourself experiment in whatever way speaks to you. You don’t have to be constantly boo’d up to do that.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 14th will help you further explore these questions. It’s one of the most sexual nights of the year, and we will feel its energy starting September 10th all the way through the 18th. If you’re invited on a date, or you decide to invite your crush/partner/ lover on one during that time, get prepared for things to get very wet, and for you to feel extra horny. It’s also possible that you’ll spend more time on your own around this Full Moon, processing the deep waves of emotions washing over you.

Virgo Season’s energy has a transformative effect on you as a lover and a human being, because it shows you what your true needs are, and where you’ve been selling yourself short. Yes, you’re beautiful, but there’s so much more to you than that. Around the Pisces Full Moon, you’ll be asking yourself how you can ensure that you’re viewed as more than just a hot body or pretty face. Dare to let your lover(s) in on this mental exploration — you may be surprised at how passionate and intense their responses are. It may be that you failed to realize just how amazing they view you, outside of just your physical appearance.

This month, and especially around the Full Moon in Pisces, it’s essential that you don’t make assumptions about how others feel about you or how much they want you. Their actions will make things clear, but communication will make things even clearer. Once Mercury and Venus enter the air sign of Libra on the 14th, and Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its retrograde on the 18th, you’ll start to be less hard on yourself and others, and your more lighthearted, jovial, charming, flirtatious and extra social side will emerge.

After spending the first two weeks of the month profoundly focused on improving yourself, Libra Season should be about letting loose, going out, redefining yourself, giving yourself a makeover, and saying yes to sexy strangers requests to date you (if your heart, mind and body are aligned). If you’re already boo’d up, then engage in sexting, group dates, and new ways of pleasing your partner this Libra Season. You’ll be more attentive to their needs and desires, and this will help you earn their trust, which in terms deepens your sexual and spiritual connection. You’ll end the month sexually blissed out, feeling like a sexual superhero who intuitively knows how to please and be pleased. Go get what you deserve! And then cum back for more ;).