Leo July

Welcome to July, Leo! Your birthday season begins this month, so prepare to feel activated, sexy, super powerful and invincible. But before we get to that milestone, you still have to navigate the much more sensitive and moodier waters of Cancer Season, as well as the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place July 2, and Venus entering Cancer July 3. The Cancer energy in the cosmos will make you so much more in tune with your body’s needs. You won’t have time to entertain anyone who’s wasting your time sexually or emotionally. A more sensitive, compassionate side of you emerges with the start of eclipse season, and your sex and love life will be imbued with emotion as a result. Be prepared to feel more attached to your lover(s), and to feel turned on by the idea of making babies (even if you’re not actually doing so)!

Once Mercury, the Planet of Communication, goes retrograde in your sign on the 7th, you may find yourself second guessing recent romantic or sexual decisions you may have made. You may no longer feel as attracted to a partner as usual, or alternatively, someone you had previously friend zoned or pushed away may all of a sudden seem very alluring and you’ll be very turned on by them. You’ll be questioning yourself and what you want from love and sex this retrograde, so avoid impulsive actions or reactions. The retrograde, combined with Venus in Cancer, makes this an ideal time on focusing on self-pleasure. How much have you previously tied your worth to how sexually attractive other people found you? It’s time to look within and be honest about any unhealthy mindsets surrounding self-worth, sex and intimacy. Focus on pleasing yourself and getting in touch with who you are outside of other people’s gaze. This will make you a better lover, both to yourself and others.

All of this shadow work and introspection was preparing you for your birthday season to begin on the 22nd of July. The energy from the Capricorn eclipse that took place on the 16th of July will still be lingering in the cosmos, encouraging you to boss up in all aspects of your life. You know who can handle the heat, and you know who can’t. So stop giving your time and energy to suitors who aren’t able to keep up with your sexually, emotionally, physically or sexually. Your birthday season should be all about letting yourself feel like a royal being. That means you’ll want to be having sex or connected with someone who also emanates royal energy and who knows their worth.

Have fun during your season — go out looking your best, throw house parties, incorporate costumes in your sex life, transform yourself and your lover into whomever you want yourselves to be. Once Venus enters your sign on the 27th, your sexual stamina and energy will be through the roof. People will look at you and immediately be drawn to your aura. Selectivity is key, even if you’re single and mingling because Mercury remains retrograde all month long, and then your annual New Moon in Leo takes place on the 31st, the same day that Mercury goes direct. Even if you come off as the chill, popular social butterfly who can get anyone they want, there’s a part of you that’s trying to figure out exactly what it is you want, both sexually and emotionally, and it may not be until month’s end that you have an epiphany and get clear about what it takes to light your flame, and keep it lit.