Libra February

This month will be a sexual wonderland if you allow yourself to fully step into your fantasy world, Libra. Venus, the Planet of Love, is your planetary ruler, and on the 7th it shifts out of Pisces and enters fiery Aries, which activates your partnership sector for several weeks. Suddenly, you’ll feel supercharged with dynamic confidence, even if at first you’re faking it til you really feel it. This is the month where you’re taking charge and creating the sex life you’ve been dreaming of instead of waiting for it to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Use the energy of the Aquarius New Moon to continue to set intentions about how you can have sex in a way that makes you feel both free and supported. You don’t necessarily want to be out there in a typical Libra player kind of way, but you do want to feel like you’re not tied down and you’re not settling. Get specific about the type of partner(s) you believe would provide both consistent sexual stimulation and an ethereal sense of freedom.

The Leo Full Moon on the 9th is activating your friendship circle, and it could be that a get-together with friends turns into something much more R-rated. You may decide to play it old school and start off with an innocent game of spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven, which you of all people may be the one to boldly suggest, particularly if your crush or someone you find attractive is present at the party. You’re known as being the life of the party, and this Full Moon energy will activate a side of you that’s willing to tap into the sexual side of human beings, and make what was once taboo more seen. That doesn’t mean you’ll be initiating an orgy this Aquarius Season (although if you choose to do so, more power to you). But it does mean you’ll be more of a daredevil with new and old people alike, and you’ll be attracted to dangerous, spontaneous sexual situations. Leo energy is dramatic and outgoing, and that’s what you’ll be feeling, especially with Venus also in Aries most of the month.

During the second half of the month, however, you may want to slow your roll, because Mercury Retrograde in Pisces may have you seeking greater clarity in your sexual connections. It’s all good to have fun and explore, but you’ll receive a wake-up call that makes you want to ensure that you’re being intentional about your needs and that your lover(s) aren’t just viewing you as a fun person to f*ck. You’re way more than that, even if you give off flirtatious and light-hearted vibes that sometimes makes people not take you as seriously as they should.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Capricorn on the 16th, the same day as Mercury Retrograde. Suddenly you may feel yourself shifting from wanting to roam and explore, to wanting to be boo’d up and committed. But you may not yet feel ready to act on this feeling, and that’s actually a good thing due to Mercury retrograde. Prioritize sex with one lover, or deepen your connection to an existing sexual connection that makes you feel secure, sexy and wanted. Watching rom coms together in bed and then pausing it to create your own sex scene, reading each other erotic poems or sending each other dirty memes, sexting and sending each other sultry voice notes… You’ll enjoy the consistency of someone who turns you on, and even if you feel like that person doesn’t yet exist in your life, there’s a strong chance that during Mars in Capricorn’s transit they will manifest.

The 23rd, the Pisces New Moon takes place and helps you breathe easy if you’ve been a bit confused romantically. The Universe wants you to trust in the uncertainty rather than always trying to find the pros and cons of connecting with someone. This Pisces New Moon is perfect for viewing sex in a deeply spiritual way. Tantric sex may be something you choose to explore during the final week of the month. You and your partner may also try a challenge where you don’t have any electronics in the bedroom — no cell phone, no TV, no alarm — and when you don’t use your digital devices when on a date or when preparing to make love. As one of the most social and connected signs of the zodiac, it will push you to view intimacy in its essence and simplify your view of what’s necessary for you to be most turned on and activated. Get ready for things to get real deep, intense, and wet as the month comes to an end as a result of this cosmic sex magic.