Pisces February

Your birthday season begins this month, Pisces, and you’ll also experience a brilliant Pisces New Moon. You can have birthday sex, pre-bday sex and post-bday sex if that’s what you’d like. You can also be celibate and chill with yourself, your friends, and explore less traditional forms of foreplay and lovemaking without actually doing the deed. You can have it all, do it all, and be it all. It’s your dream world, and the more you start to act like it, the less time you have to complain about what previously wasn’t working out for you, because suddenly everything will.

During the first week of February, Venus remains in your sign, and you may find that the attention you receive from your romantic suitors becomes almost too much to handle. Make sure you’re not flirting or merging with people sexually just because you can. Do so with intention, particularly since the energy of the Aquarius New Moon from last month is still going strong, and asking you to view sex as a vessel to better getting to know yourself, and whomever you’re sharing energy with. If you have sex during Feb 1 – Feb 7, you’ll notice that the intellectual, spiritual and psychological aspects of yourself and your lover(s) start to become intertwined. You’ll end up having long conversations in bed about existential topics, and the sapiosexual energy of Aquarius Season will rub off on you considerably as you get turned on by your lover’s intellect, and not just their sex skills. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into your sign on the 3rd, making your mind a spiritual and sexual wonderland, and you yourself become a walking sex vision. You may not necessarily view yourself that way, especially on days when you feel under the weather, but Mercury in Pisces activates the more sensual and intimate aspects of yourself, so don’t be surprised if your crushes hit you up letting you know you’ve been on their mind and that they’re longing to connect and merge with you like never before. Since Mercury retrograde begins in your sign this month, on the 16th, your mission this month is to pay attention to people’s energy, more than ever. Be protective of who comes into your physical and sexual space, and don’t go back to certain people just because their energy is familiar. Do so if your mind, body and soul are giving you a resounding yessss, and you’re ready to yell “yessss!!!” as they bring you to peaks of orgasms.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Capricorn on the 16th as well, so when you combine Capricorn and Pisces energy, a part of you may be longing to connect with someone who has “ride or die” energy. Literally, you’d like to ride them or have them ride you until one or both of you dies. Ha. Just kidding. Well, kinda. All this Pisces and Capricorn energy in the cosmos, combined with the daring and innovative energy of Aquarius Season, is inviting you to explore your shadow side in sex. Go ahead and buy the whip or handcuffs if there’s consent, and play around with taking control of your partner sexually (I repeat, with consent), rather than expecting them to take the lead. Venus’ shift into Aries on the 7th will help you do so with greater confidence because your sector of security will be activated and you won’t want to overthink things anymore. If you feel an undeniable urge to make love to someone and they have showed you that they feel the same way, then go for it. Let them know when and where. Literally put the sex date in your calendar and make it happen. Life is as simple as we make it, and most of the problems or reasons we make up in our head for why something won’t work out never actually come to pass.

Mercury beginning its retrograde in your sign will have you in a more introverted and introspective mood, and you may even find yourself alienating yourself from others in an effort to better know yourself. That won’t lead to your horniness levels decreasing though, Pisces, so make sure you’re not pushing away people who want to talk to you, connect with you, or make love to you, just because you’re feeling a bit dramatic. Invite them to join in the drama, and have nights to remember in the process. Don’t, I repeat, don’t connect with an ex who leaves you questioning your worth or value, even if they seem to be available and you may be feeling lonely. You have the green light to reconnect with an ex during Mercury retrograde in Pisces, as long as you can tell that you’ve both been committing to your healing journey. Get ready for the sex to be so incredible, passionate, sensual and transformative that it leaves one or both of you in tears.

Seeking someone new? The start of Pisces Season on the 19th followed by the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd is one of the most magical moments for you to begin a new chapter, both personally and romantically. If you’re single, it would be a powerful time to indulge in fantasies of what type of lover you want to manifest in the next six months, and then follow through by actually leaving your house, saying yes to outings — especially the creative kind that gets your mind flowing and helps open up your heart — and prepare to be shook by the cosmic response you get, even just a week after your New Moon takes place. There may be a serendipitous romantic connection that you manifest during your birthday season, and while you should definitely take your time to explore it, you’d benefit from letting the best case scenario permeate your mind. Yes, you can have a fulfilling sexual and emotional relationship with someone on a long-term basis that leaves you feeling the depths of pleasure (and perhaps also an agreed-upon amount of pain that turns you on) that you once thought would only be fantasies. Enjoy your birthday cake this season Pisces and all the sensual goodness that comes from viewing life as sweet, and pleasure as your birthright. While you’re at it, manifest bomb birthday sex, the type of sex that leaves you dripping in sweat, laying on the floor, trying to catch your breath, and preparing for round four.