Pisces November

Welcome to November, Pisces. This is a huge month for you, because  Neptune, your planetary ruler, will finally end its five-month retrograde in your zodiac sign on November 24th. Neptune is the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy, and ever since June 18, it’s been blurring the lines between reality and fantasy regarding the way you view yourself, your relationships, your sex life, and your love life.  While in some ways this made things more fun and unpredictable for you, in other ways it may have increased your indecision or skepticism when it comes to your partner (s). Neptune going direct this month will symbolize a new beginning for you as a lover.

But before we get to that major milestone, you’ll have to navigate the profoundly mystical energy of Scorpio Season taking place the first three weeks of the month. The Scorpio Sun is activating your expansion and long journey sector. If you can travel between November 1 and 22. You are likely to have some amazing sexual experiences when you step out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with foreign experiences. Even if you can’t hop on the next flight abroad, immerse yourself in intellectual and creative activities that take you out of your comfort zone, either on your own or with your partner. Single? Say yes to blind dates or being set up by friends. Your magnetism can lead to you connecting with someone who blows you away. And since you tend to be more open to having sexual experiences when they feel right, without having to abide by a strict timeline, then you may end up having orgasmic sex this month with someone who feels like a soulmate.

Already coupled? The Scorpio Season vibes put you in a vixen mood, and your partner will truly appreciate your more sexy, alluring and up-for-anything vibes coming out this month. You may end up watching an erotic film together and be tempted to try out some of the things you see… Let yourself be inspired by fellow lovers and sexually free beings. Do not place limits on your sexual exploration. Use the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7 as momentum for this fresh start. You’ll be ready to break free of taboos and reveal secret yearnings that you may have kept from the word, and yourself, for far too long.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters your sign on November 15, making the last half of the month all about you and the actions you take to make sure your needs are met. When it comes to sex, get ready to receive more attention, and for people  to flirt with you, charm you, woo you, and attempt to get with you. This may be both flattering and annoying, but it’s something you should get used to because your powers of attraction are higher than ever with Mars in your sign for the next six weeks. Luckily, your self-confidence can increase around this time too, especially since Venus, the Planet of Love, will end its retrograde on November 16. The last two weeks of November will have you feeling more in tune with yourself, and this will help you have sex without feeling ridden with insecurities or self-doubt. Any sexual experiences that you have those final two weeks are likely to feel fun, freeing and even a little bit addicting. Once people get a taste of you, they’ll keep wanting more.

Once Sagittarius Season begins on November 22, followed by the Full Moon in Gemini on the 23rd, your desire to live in the moment and have sex with whomever you please at any moment of the day will increase. In many ways, sex can be a form of self-care for you the last seven days of the month, particularly if you ’ve found yourself a bit stressed out or restless at work or home. You are one of the most emotional and sensitive signs of the zodiac, Pisces. But Sagittarius Season and the Gemini Full Moon can help you lighten up and not take yourself or your partner (s) too seriously. The more you socialize and let loose, the better your sex drive becomes, because you’ll realize how the more carefree version of yourself is a  magnetic, sexually explorative being. Other people will notice that about you too.  You’ll also find it easier to speak about any previous sexual blockages you may have had, and you’ll feel ready to break free from their grips and pave a new path for yourself. All of this coincides with Neptune ending its retrograde in your sign on the 24th. This is a powerful note to end November on, and it’ll have a ripple effect on how the rest of 2018 goes for you, Pisces.