Pisces October

Welcome to October, Pisces. This month may feel magical for you in many ways, largely due to the blend of Libra and Scorpio vibes in the air. Venus in Scorpio is lighting up your expansion sector, which means that you’ll be feeling very experimentive when it comes to sex and romance. You already are one of the more open and adaptable signs of the zodiac, but this transit will bring your flexible nature to a whole new level, and it will be refreshing for you and your sexual partner(s). Even if you haven’t had sex in a while or are intentionally celibate, you may explore your sexual nature through other means, such as reading a fantasy novel, watching a passionate romcom, or connecting with people naughtily on dating apps. Once Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on the 5th, your attention turns towards the past, and you may find yourself a bit more nostalgic. Single Pisces may end up thinking about “the one that got away”, and may be tempted to reconnect with them either virtually or in real-life. Just be careful what you wish for, because the magnetic energy of Venus in Scorpio can lead to you manifesting wild fantasies faster than you think.

If you’re in a relationship or a situationship, Venus Retrograde is perfect for evaluating how you want to grow as a couple, not only emotionally but sexually too. Have things gotten a bit too predictable in the sack? Use the retrograde energy to think back to when you first started connecting sexually and what you enjoyed about it. Infuse more spontaneity and adventure into your sex life by suggesting unique positions or prolonging the foreplay. As a Pisces, you are a master of intimacy and your imagination often runs wild with different scenarios of what you can do to please yourself and your partner. During the first three weeks of the month, the Sun will be in Libra, highlighting your sector of depth and intimacy. You shouldn’t be afraid to go “there” when it comes to your sexual style. Eroticism will be on your mind and you’ll want to engage with people who can handle how intensely turned-on you can get when the mood is right. Your ideal partner(s) this month must be able to engage in passionate pillow talk, listen to you express your deepest emotions, and frustrations, and also keep it real with you about what’s on their heart. The more transparent and vulnerable they are with you, the more you’ll open up your mind, body and soul to them, and this can lead to an erotic and orgasmic experience.

October 8 – 18 will be full of New Moon in Libra energy, and this will help you find greater balance in your love and sex life. The energy of Venus in Scorpio may be making you more obsessive and possessive than usual, but the New Moon that takes place on the 8th will help you realize this before you do things that you regret or take things too far due to being emotionally impulsive or reactive. Check yourself if you feel the urge to use sex as a way to manipulate your partner(s) or teach them a lesson — this may happen unconsciously at first, but the New Moon energy will help you set healthier intentions about the type of lover you want to be. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior and instead clear the air in a mature way that helps you avoid unnecessary drama.

On October 23, the tides shift as the Sun joins Venus in the sultry sign of Scorpio for four weeks. It’s officially Scorpio Season, meaning that your travel sector of expansion is highlighted by the Scorpio energy. If you’ve been wanting to go on an adventure or a trip, plan to do so these last 8 days of the month, and bring along your bae, crush, or potential hook-up buddy if you can. Even if you go solo, you’ll attract many admirers and may end up 25 hooking up with one of them if you’re in a good spot emotionally and open to being wooed. The Full Moon on the 24th intensifies the feeling of desire and raw sexuality in the air. Since Scorpio is a fellow Water Sign like you, you don’t tend to think that rationally during Scorpio Season — you let your intuition and your emotions guide you along the way. So the sexual decisions that you’ll be making during Scorpio Season will be largely based on how you feel in the present moment. Avoid trying to get approval from your friends or peers about your sex life. You’re the main one who knows what your body and soul wants, so trust yourself, be safe, and enjoy what Scorpio Season and October have in store for you, Pisces.