pisces september

Welcome to September, Pisces. With the Sun in Virgo for the majority of the month, your partnership sector is activated, meaning that love and sex will be on your mind more than usual. Virgo is quite the contrasting sign to yours though – all about organization, structure and order. You may weirdly find yourself taking on these characteristics for the first three weeks of the month when it comes to your sexual desires. You’ll be thinking of quality over quantity. If you’ve felt a bit all over the place last month when it came to your sexual desires, prepare to get much more clarity during Virgo Season, and this will help you finetune what you really want from love and sex. You tend to be in your own dreamworld most of the time, but the energy of the Virgo Sun will help you stay grounded and focused on what you deserve. No more beating around the bush — speak your truth! People may be surprised at how demanding you are in bed, but they’ll also be very turned on by your vocalizing your desires. The Virgo energy will still make you accommodating to the needs of those around you, though, and it’s important for you to make sure that you’re not putting their own needs before your own… Fill your own cup first.

The Virgo New Moon on September 9 is one of the highlights of the month for you, Pisces, as it activates your partnership sector and helps you set new intentions about how you can catapult your sex life to a completely new galaxy. The Virgo energy will help you decipher when you have been standing in the way of your own blessings by not realizing all the people who are into you. If you’ve been pushing people away as a form of self-protection, this New Moon will help you get in tune with that truth and focus on finding a balance between having a healthy amount of cautiousness and letting love in. You will realize that you have higher standards than you may have had in previous months, and that’s because you had to go through certain romantic experiences that disappointed you in order to realize that you can’t always give everyone a chance. But just because some people let you down does not mean that everyone will, Pisces. That’s the main lesson you must take from this Virgo New Moon. Be willing to give previous and current sexual partners another try if you’ve been pushing them away… Explain to them why you’re skeptical or moody. Let them in and they’ll do the same. This New Moon is a fresh start for you and your sexual partners, and the more you listen to each other’s needs without judgment, the better your sex will be.

Also on September 9, Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of Libra and into your fellow Water sign of Scorpio. This activates your expansion and philosophy sector, so you’ll be feeling adventurous and very curious when it comes to sex and relationships. You vibe well with Scorpio energy because it’s so intuitive and passionate, and you’ll literally be in your element. From September 9 onwards, you’ll be demonstrating more profound displays of affection to people you have sex with. Venus in Libra energy was making you more emotionally detached because you couldn’t necessarily tell where things were going and you didn’t want to be overly invested… But Venus in Scorpio’s energy is so transformative and erotic that you’ll feel completely differently and more motivated sexually. You’ll want to look your best, feel your best, and act your best under this transit. Your sex drive will increase significantly, and you’ll be able to intuitively tune into what your partner wants, so sex with you will feel like a romantic fantasy!

Once Libra Season begins on September 22, you’ll feel much more balanced and harmonious than you did at the beginning of the month, and your feelings will be less all over the place or chaotic. You’ll also be less possessive and obsessive than you may have been at the start of the Venus in Scorpio transit, and this will open you up to a new array of sexual partners. If you’re already in a committed relationship, be sure to be honest with them if you find yourself turned on by anyone else… You may be curious to explore open relationships, but it’ll only work if you and your partner are on the same page. With Venus still in Scorpio, no conversation will be too taboo to have, so let it all out, Pisces, and play!