Sagittarius March

Your sex life may have calmed down since your ruler Jupiter left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn — at least it looks that way. But you’re like a volcano, with profound desires bubbling deep within you, Sag. These first two months of the year were dominated by Water and Earth energy, but finally, the month of March allows you to spruce things up considerably, particularly during the second half of the month once Aries Season begins and activates your sector of fate, adventure, and true love. Your wild side is about to emerge, both in and out of the bedroom, and your partner(s) are going to be so glad you’re coming alive again.

Mercury’s shift into Aquarius from the 4th to the 16th is activating your sector of communication, and this is leading to you have kinky sexual thoughts and being in even more of a mood to explore and widen your sexual horizons. When blended with the energy of Pisces Season, and Venus’ shift into its home sign of Taurus, you may feel a bit all over the place socially and sexually, but in an exciting way. A part of you will want to explore a threesome or want to date multiple people due to the Mercury in Aquarius vibes.

Another part of you may feel magnetically drawn to someone who loves you despite any insecurities or self-doubt you may have shown in the relationship. You may feel ready to risk it all for them, and vice-versa — you can thank Venus in Taurus activating your sector of health and service for that. And then another part of you will be out here ready to procreate with someone, even if you thought that wasn’t on your radar right now. That’s due to Pisces Season activating your sector of domesticity and roots. Whew, what a sexual whirlwind. Tell your partner(s) that while you may be out here talking a big game, it’s best to wait until after Mercury Retrograde ends on the 9th to actually follow through with bold actions or major sexual decisions.

The Virgo Full Moon takes place on the 9th, the same day as Mercury goes direct. This activates your career sector, so if you’ve been having a strong attraction to a work bae, things are likely to heat up between the 9th and 13th of March. Either they’ll make a move on you, or you’ll feel ready to let them know what’s up. Since there will still be a post-shadow period, a part of you may feel reluctant to start anything official, but you might well indulge in flirtations, say yes to after-work dates or lunch dates, and send each other sexts if the feeling is mutual.

Your more daring side is emerging, but since your ruler, Jupiter is in Capricorn all year long and activating your security and abundance sector, you won’t be out here flirting just to flirt. You’ll be moving with purpose and intention. You’re realizing that even if you attract the energy from an abundance of potential suitors, not everyone is deserving of your energy, so you have to be selective and intentional about who gets access to your body, mind, and soul. The Full Moon can lead to you calling it quits with people who may have been a fun distraction these past few weeks or months, but ultimately are unfulfilling in terms of long-term potential.

Once the Sun enters Aries on the 19th, your free spirit side emerges now that the Sun is back in a fire sign, activating your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. This is one of the best times of the year to go on a vacation with your bae, or go solo and connect with a new bae. You’ll be drawn to people who make you laugh and help you release any stress or worries. You’ll seek someone who can throw caution to the wind, pull you into the nearest corridor, and make out / make love to you to your heart’s content. Aries Season is dreaming season for you, Sag. There are no limits to what or who you can manifest if you view yourself as the protagonist of your dream story.

Once Saturn enters Aquarius on the 21st, your sector of communication is once again highlighted, and you may find that you come off as more indifferent during this transit, which lasts until July 1st. You’ll have to make sure you’re not leading people on as the month ends. Get clear with them about where you stand. If it was just a one-night stand and you’re not interested in anything deeper, let them know sooner rather than later, because people are going to be magnetically drawn to you this Aries Season, and the more honest you can be, the better. At the same time, you’ll have to make more of an effort to let people that you are sexually attracted to know that that’s the case because Saturn in Aquarius can lead to you giving off friendly or platonic vibes to people you’re actually obsessed with. It’s not going to be enough to casually drop hints. Clearly articulate what you’re fantasizing about doing to every part of their body. Get visual in your description, and if you’re particularly daring, leave them an erotic voice note that helps them visualize the experiences while activating every part of their senses and leaving them begging for your sexual manifestation. That’s how powerful your mind, body, words, and touch is, Sag. Have fun exploring what’s possible when you set yourself free and invite others to join you.