Sagittarius October

Sagittarius, simplicity and abundance are your main two themes for this month when it comes to your love and sex life. At first those may appear to contradict each other energetically, but they’re actually quite aligned. Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio from October 13th to November 3rd activates your sector of spirituality, which means you’ll be focused on quality over quantity when it comes to whom you merge with and share sexual space with. Even if you’ve been single most of the year and enjoying flirting and casual connection, either virtually or in-person, there’s something about the partnership energy of Libra season, combined with the more practical romantic vibes of Venus in Virgo that has you seeking more emotional security and commitment this month — even if it’s something that’s a fleeting desire. Whoever merges with you will have to make you feel seen, not only by physically complimenting your body or hitting all the right spots, but by ensuring that your mind, body and soul are equally at ease.

Sensual foreplay such as giving each other massages, having breathtaking eye contact and sharing long, mesmerizing make-outs are all ways to embrace the energy of Libra and Scorpio Season this month, Sag. Consciously slow down. Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, continues its retrograde in Aries this month, so you won’t be in as much of a sexually bold mood. You’ll want others to be the main ones making the moves and calling the shots. You may even find yourself being more shy in bed, or pushing your lover(s) away if they’re about to take you over the edge. At first you may be shook by this energy, but eventually you’ll find yourself curious about it and you’ll encourage your lover(s) to be more playful with you in bed, perhaps integrating games such as “truth or dare” or “never have I ever” into your bedtime routine, and including a sexual twist to it the more you are vulnerable with each other. The more you reveal yourselves, the sexier it gets.

Once the Libra New Moon strikes on October 16th, you’ll have a ten-day period of deepening your communication levels with your partner, or taking time to visualise what the sexual partner of your dreams has to provide, and vice versa. The Sagges who may have convinced themselves that they’re absolutely fine on their own may have an epiphany between October 16th and October 26th that makes them realize just how much they want to be boo’d up, cuddled, and even possessed (with consent).

There’s a more loving and erotic side to you that will emerge with this New Moon energy, helping you realize that you can still be a badass and also be in love, while having the best sex of your life. You can indulge in both softness and strength, Sagittarius. Let yourself be adorned with kisses, from your third eye in the middle of your forehead to your toes that will curl up with satisfaction. Let yourself be carried into the depths of sexual pleasure you’ve been dreaming of. This is the first full month that your ruler Jupiter is no longer retrograde, so you’ll be embracing a feeling of lightness and adventurousness in bed and in life, and this will make you intoxicating to anyone who seeks to be consumed by your aura.

The ecstasy that you’ve been wishing for is ready to make its way to you this month, Sagittarius. It’s up to you to let it come. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too. By the time the Full Moon in Taurus takes place on the 31st, your sector of wellness and service will be activated, which means that a crush or lover who has been on your mind these past six months will be blessed by an abundance of desire that you direct toward them as the month comes to a close. If you connect sexually with someone during the four days that precede or follow the full moon, they’ll feel your divine energy imprinted in their soul, and they’ll be begging you for more.