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Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells is a West African and French astrologer who has been studying the field for over 14 years. After being introduced to Sun signs by her parents, she began analyzing her own birth chart as well as those of her friends and family, and astrology became her passion. In July 2011, when Dossé-Via was a freshman at the University of Southern California, she created her Twitter page @ScorpioMystique, where she shared knowledge about her zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Dossé-Via has since attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on her social media accounts, including Scorpios Katy Perry, Ella Mai and Miguel.

Dossé-Via now shares astrological knowledge with all 12 zodiac signs via her page @KnowTheZodiac. She offers birth chart readings, transit forecasts, compatibility reports, private consultations, and daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts to customers all over the world.

She also has a podcast and individual horoscope pages on IG for all zodiac signs: @knowaries @knowtaurus, @knowgemini, @knowcancers, @knowleo, @knowvirgo, @knowlibra, @scorpiomystique, @knowsagittarius, @knowcapricorn, @knowaquarius, and @knowpisces.

Dossé-Via views astrology as a tool for self-empowerment and self-understanding. She graduated with her Master’s degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in May 2017, and has been working as an entrepreneur full-time ever since. She now lives in West Africa with her husband Royce and two children. Get in touch with Dossé-Via at hi@knowthezodiac.com. PS: In addition to being an astrologer, Dossé-Via is an entrepreneur and professional model. To learn more about her, visit her personal website and follow her on Instagram: @dossevia.



Scorpio February

February has the potential to be one of the most romantic months of the year for you, Scorpio, and you don’t even have to be having constant sex in order for it to feel that way. Your mere essence will make life itself feel orgasmic. Looking at the sky, swimming in the ocean, touching yourself, smelling the flowers, stroking your lover’s skin, dreaming about cuddling your current or future partner… all of these actions and sensations will turn you on this month. And the more you are turned on, the more open to experiencing profound sexual ecstasy you become. The more open you become, the more room you make for those who are ready to merge, vibe, soar and ascend with you, both spiritually and sexually. It’s getting hot in here. Because of you.

The month begins with Venus spending its final week in Pisces, activating your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. If you did want to have sex during this first week of February, chances are it will leave you and you lover(s) dripping and begging for more. Pisces energy is no joke, and Mars, the Planet of Action, is your co-ruler and is in Sag until the 16th, activating your sector of security and abundance. Sag like themes such as trying new things with new people will amp up the pleasure in your life. If you’re in a committed relationship, you and your partner may decide to have a threesome or go to a swingers’ party, just for fun. You’ll both be surprised at your willingness to shake things up in this way (if you haven’t yet done so of course), and the more you let go of preconceived notions, the more exciting, sexy and penetrating the experience becomes, for everyone involved.

One week into February, Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of Pisces and enters Aries, activating your sector of health and routine. You may find yourself drawn to an Aries or someone with prominent Aries energy in their chart. You may not be able to get enough of this person and your desire to have sex with them, even if it’s only in your dreams. In fact, having sex with them may be some of the best sex you’ve experienced, which is why you’ll be left yearning for more. So what to do with all this fiery, irresistible Venus in Aries energy? Be more upfront about what you want, and focus less on what you don’t want. Venus in Aries wants you to act like the love life you want is already yours. Not in an arrogant way, but in a confident, “I am attracting what’s meant for me and have great sex in the process” kind of way. The energy of 2020 is extremely powerful, and the more you align yourself with the vibration of someone who is truly satisfied and consistently pleased with the honesty, transparency, and bomb sex of their partner (be their real or make-believe, for now), the more you’ll notice your sex life becoming a manifestation of your subconscious desires.

Mars, your co-ruler, entering Capricorn on the same day Mercury Retrograde begins can serve as an awakening to the more soulful aspects of yourself as a lover that you want your current or future partners to tap into. What may be tripping you out around this time of the month is that you may realize that there’s someone in your life who matches your energy, and can really see you. Whether that’s your current lover who you now take less for granted, a friendship that you now hope to grow into a sexual connection, or someone you’ve flirted with or talked to, but haven’t yet had sex with, Mercury being retrograde in your sector of fate, love and adventure is asking you to re-evaluate the timing you tend to place on certain situations and release the need to control what will come from this one.

You may be tempted to get inside bae’s head, hit up your crush and pour your heart out to them about how much they cross your mind or are the ultimate sexual fantasy, or demand for more attention from someone to whom you believe you’ve been showing all the signs. But your best bet is to breathe, relax, and slow your roll. What’s meant for you is meant for you, and the more you view that as your mantra, the sexier and more magnetic life becomes. Chances are, the signals you think you’ve been sending the person you can’t get off your mind may not be as clear as you previously thought, and a simple light-hearted conversation could clear things up and get you in each other’s beds in no time.

If you actually want to take your time to savour the sweetness of the connection before getting sexually connected, the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd is the perfect opportunity for you to set intentions regarding how your love and sex life can bloom in the next six months. Since your sector of fate and true love is highlighted by the New Moon as well, these next six months will be some of the most life-changing for you sexually and emotionally. Many of the sexual connections you have or attract will feel like a dream, and your ability to reach peak levels of sexual satisfaction and ecstasy will increase tremendously, even if at first it’s literally a vivid fantasy in your mind. You are an alchemist, Scorpio, which means you can turn thoughts into reality. So even if you’re single AF, do not rule out the possibility of being sexually blissed out by the Pisces Full Moon during Virgo Season. This New Moon didn’t come to play — it wants you to open your heart, body and soul to thriving as a sexually liberated Scorpio superhero who leaves the world in awe of your mysticism and tangible sex appeal.

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ABOUT Scorpio

Ahh, the infamous Scorpio. Known as the sex sign, people often stereotype you as being obsessed with sex, and the best sexual partner of the zodiac. While there is definitely some truth to that, there’s so much about you that lives under the surface, much like an iceberg. People can spend a lifetime trying to figure you out, but all they need is one night with you to be hooked forever. The ultimate drug. The reason you have this reputation for being the sex sign is largely due to your two planetary rulers: Mars and Pluto. Mars is the Planet of Action and Passion, and Pluto (which is still considered a planet in astrology) is the Planet of Transformation & Sex. This makes you by far the most intense, mysterious, seductive and deep sign of the zodiac, and it makes you magnetic AF. You have psychic-like powers that enable you to intuitively know what your sex partners want, and when they want it. Admittedly, sex is often on your mind, but more so in a sensual, merging type of way. While some Scorpios view sex as just sex, most combine it with love and lust, and can daydream endlessly about their ideal sexual fantasies.

Because your libido is so high, you can sometimes have trouble finding partners who can keep up with you in bed. One, two or three rounds are hardly enough. You’d like to make it last for hours if you had it your way. As a sign of extremes, you’re either extremely turned on, or you’re completely celibate — no in-between. While there are moments when you take a self-imposed break from sex (which can feel like torture for your partners), there are times when you feel like you need it 24/7 or simply can’t survive. You seek partners who don’t mind you taking control and telling them what to do. You most definitely dominate in bed, even if you seem more guarded and reserved in other situations. Your bossy self can come out, and most people are turned on by that aspect of you because they can tell you’re about to take them for the ride of their lives. Scorpios and sex are synonymous. One night with you can completely change someone’s life forever. As much as people like to hate on you and call you crazy, one thing they’ll never dare say is that you suck in bed. It’s simply not possible.

What people need to understand about you is that there’s so much more to you than your sexual nature. You are one of the most sensitive, loyal, emotional and private signs of the zodiac, so what people see is definitely not even 1% of who you truly are. You’re constantly digging beneath the surface of people, conversations and experiences to get to the depth and core of what truly matters. So for you, the best sex is the one you have with someone you’re truly in love with… Someone who has taken the time to peel back your own layers and get to know the real you. Someone who isn’t afraid of human darkness and who can face their own shadows. Someone who is the ultimate ride or die and won’t run or hide when you show them just how passionate and intense you truly are. Scorpios often merge well with Pisces and Cancers sexually for this reason, because they too mix sex with emotion and cannot disconnect the two. But Scorpios often like signs who keep them on their feet like Aries, Gemini or Taurus, because while these signs can initially be challenging due to their contrasting love languages, they also help teach Scorpio how to become more adaptable and less consumed by emotion.

When you feel sexually stimulated, Scorpio, you perform with the passion of a porn star, and you enter a completely new world that envelops both you and your conquest(s). You’re not afraid of going to extremes and trying out techniques that include bondage, whipping, handcuffing, and licking every part of your partner’s body. You give amazing oral, and when you orgasm there’s often a lot of gushing involved in the process. Your sexual fantasies and fetishes are so profound that you may at first keep them deeply hidden within yourself, fearing that they’ll scare your partner. But when you feel a connection with someone and you can tell that they don’t fear your power, you’ll slowly let down your guard and let them into your sexual world. Then the games truly begin and you both enjoy a mutually satisfying experience of rocking each other’s worlds. As a Scorpio, you are ruled by your sexual organs… enough said. You won’t shy away from risky sex scenarios, and that includes affairs and open relationships. You let your sex organs lead the way, often before your mind has a chance to catch up. While that can land you in hot water, you are so seductive and irresistible that people have a hard time staying mad at you for long. Beware of your tendency to use sex as a form of manipulation though… you tend to get partners hooked on you and then either threaten them to take away sex or get them to do what you want by promising sex. Naughty, naughty…