Scorpio August

Mars, your ruling planet, is in Aries for the next five months, Scorpio. Sex with you will feel like a dream come true. Sex with yourself will feel like a live fireworks session. Just you thinking of sex can lead to you getting hot and bothered. You are walking sex. Whewww, it’s hot in here, you’re hot, and people are hot for you. Get used to this attention. Get used to your primal eroticism. Understand your magnetism and stop fighting your sultry energy. Own the fact that you’re the sex sign of the zodiac, even if you have your prudish or abstinent moments. 

Eclipse season helped awaken everyone to the fact that we all come from sex, so being sexual and erotic beings is nothing to be ashamed of. If you want four back to back orgasms, so be it. If you want your back blown out by several lovers, so be it. If you want your lover to write you a long romance novel and send it to you with a flying owl, go ahead and ask for it. You’re on a roll when it comes to letting your most raunchy, wild and unexpected needs be heard, met, and respected, Scorpio. Mars in Aries has activated you in a way that’s unbelievably alluring, but also quite intimidating. Mars spends this month direct in Aries before going retrograde in September, so this is the month to initiate and welcome bomb sex that leaves you sweating, and perhaps even in tears.

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy, spends its second month retrograde in Pisces, and this activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure. You’ll notice that secret admirers come out and let you know how they’re feeling during this five-month retrograde, Scorpio. You yourself may be more vocal and expressive about who’s been on your mind and in your heart lately. Since Venus is now in Cancer, you’ll be thinking about the more explorative and open side of you that emerged during Venus in Gemini’s four-month journey. This year your love and sex life was a bit different than what your more traditional Scorpio side is used to. But there’s another side to your Scorpio nature that’s not traditional at all, and now that you’ve made it through eclipse season and Venus in Gemini, your sector of exploration and adventure is activated by Venus in Cancer and you’re being encouraged to dive into the more unconventional parts of yourself as a lover and a human. 

How will that play out in your sex life, you ask? Well, there are many options from which you can choose… If you’re boo’d up but in a pretty open and free-flowing union, you may decide to invite a third person to enter your connection, just for fun (just keep in mind that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, will be retrograde the 15th, so avoid misunderstandings or awkward sex scenarios). Communication and transparency with your primary partner will be essential now that Mercury’s in Leo and our egos are very much involved. Your jealous and possessive side could still surprise you even if you thought you had worked past that. Avoid keeping secrets from your lover(s), even if they’re little white lies that seem innocent at first. Those can quickly pile up and leave you in an awkward situation. Transparency is key.

If you’re reading the concept of opening up your relationship and shaking your head in disbelief, it’s all good — as a sign of extremes you’re either fully open to exploration or you’re not really feeling that right now and you want your lover all to yourself. If that’s the case, Mercury’s shift into Leo on August 4th will encourage you to actually express that desire to your partner, instead of making them guess where you stand with them. Instead of using your words to let them know you want them, use your body, eye contact, and touch to let them know what’s up. 

Your animal magnetism during Mars in Aries is primal, alluring, and irresistible. When combined with Venus in Cancer activating your expansion sector and Uranus’ retrograde in your partnership sector starting the 15th, even if you’re in a committed relationship you’ll be seeking novelty in the way you have sex. New positions, new locations, and perhaps even new elements of surprise will be integrated in your sex life. Don’t keep all these fantasies to yourself, Scorpio! The middle of the month would be ideal to partake in a role-play sexual escapade with one or more lovers. Break free from societal limitations and dive in, WAP style.

Virgo Season will surprisingly bring out an even more freaky side to you starting the 22nd, when some of your naughtiest desires will have been illuminated by the Leo New Moon that took place four days prior. You could end the month in sweat, feeling sore from what you’ve given yourself permission to unleash and experience with those who are equally as uninhibited and not intimidated by your sexual ferocity. Whoever’s the lucky being that ends up entangled with you this month will never want to detangle from your mind, body, or soul, even if at first they thought it’d be a casual affair. Get ready for the floodgates.