Scorpio December

Scorpio, you’re the sign of sex, and this is the month where you’ll show your lucky lover(s) why that’s the case. Many Scorpios have been their own lovers for most of this year, as the emphasis of Capricorn and Taurus energy in the cosmos made you feel more self-reliant. However now that Venus, the Planet of Love, is in your sign until December 15th, and then enters Sagittarius to round out the year, you’ll find it hard to resist your more erotic urges, and you’ll want to penetrate / be penetrated with a passion! The thing is though, it’s important for you to not get so caught up in fantasies of what you could be experiencing this month that you miss out on the real life pleasure that’s very much within your vicinity and consciousness. Sex is all around you, Scorpio. You are sex itself. This month, set the intention to transmute your natural abundance of sexual energy into consistently pleasurable orgasmic realities.

Your selectivity won’t be as extreme starting December 15th onwards, when Venus, the Planet of Magnetism and Love, shifts into Sagittarius to round out the year. When Venus was in your sign, sex and merging spiritually with another being was on your mind all month long. You may have been outwardly productive and focused, but internally all you were thinking about is feeling that orgasmic high of an intense, soul-stirring bond that leaves you shook and paralyzed with pleasure. It’s likely you directed this intense passion to one specific person in particular, whether they were aware of it or not. Now that Venus shifts into Sagittarius, you’ll start to widen your orb of sexual and mystical attraction, and since this will be Uranus’ final month retrograde in Taurus, activating your partnership sector, you’ll be thinking back on the past four months and the twists and turns you’ve been in, literally and psychologically, in your relationships.

Chances are, many Scorpios may have found themselves in an unrequited love type of situation, where perhaps they were the main ones pursuing the one they wanted, or the energy didn’t feel reciprocal. This is the month where that changes, especially once Venus shifts into Sag, followed by the start of Capricorn Season the 21st. Sex with you will become the trippiest experience around the Sag eclipse, and you’ll find yourself feeling more light-hearted, yet still selective, about who you merge with, when, why, and where. After a whirlwind of a year, you’re learning how to relinquish control, and whoever gets to merge with you this month will gladly want to be in control. Even if you haven’t realized it, you have admirers who are completely shook at your essence, Scorpio. Some of them you’ve pushed away, and others you’re afraid to let in. This eclipse season, you may finally feel ready to open yourself up to new romantic experiences in a way that feels liberating. And you’ll be open to letting them explore you, and tell you what to do, and how to do it. Let others take the lead — they’re more aware of what it takes to turn you on than you realize.

Cosmic soul sex is the vibe you’re on now, so end the year studying and deepening your knowledge of tantric sex. That’s what happens when you merge beyond your physical body and into another realm entirely. As the sign of transformation, you’re a pro at this, but it takes mental and physical discipline, as well as an alignment with a partner or partners who are vibrationally aligned with such synergy. You’re glowing up in all senses of the word as 2020 wraps up, Scorpio, and once the Cancer Full Moon strikes on the 29th, your expansion sector will be activated, so if you were riding solo and not expecting to connect with someone new, think again. Cupid has other tricks up his sleeve, and you won’t escape the arrow that he’s pointing directly at you… Get your bed sheets, sex toys, and projector (for naughty films that you may watch, direct or create) ready — December 2020’s about to be a wild, wild ride.