Scorpio March

Think of your most sexually liberated self, Scorpio. What type of sex do they have, and how often? Who has the privilege of being able to access your spiritual and sexual vessel? How many rounds, how many orgasms, how many pleasure-filled moans does your most uninhibited self partake in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? These are the types of questions and thoughts that will be on your mind this March 2020, Scorpio. These are the types of questions that deserve answers, not only in theory — but in practice and action.

Pisces Season activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure, but the fact that Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces for the past three weeks may have dampened your overall sex drive because it had you caught up in your feels, still healing from past wounds in relationships. Luckily, Mercury’s shift into airy Aquarius from March 4 – 16th is activating your sector of the past, roots, and the home, helping you cultivate the art of emotional detachment from what’s not within your control. So what if your ex has seemingly moved on? That’s simply the Universe making space for you to have bomb sex with someone new in the future, whenever you feel ready to open yourself up to it. So what if you’ve made mistakes? That’s literally what experience is about, you sexy Scorpio shawty. Instead of beating yourself about it, use the first two weeks of March to forgive yourself, forgive others, and clear your sexual karma so that you can begin the astro new year feeling rejuvenated and fully activated.

On March 9th, the Virgo Full Moon activates your sector of friendship and social networks, bringing a close to a six-month chapter that had to do with technology and community. It’s possible that someone who started off as a friend during Virgo Season 2019 now plays a more intimate role in your life, but a part of you is now deciding just how intimate you’d like that connection to be. The key is to not overthink it, particularly from March 5 – 13th, when you’ll feel the peak of the Full Moon energy. You may think you have to make a serious decision regarding that connection, but since Mercury Retrograde ends on the same day as the Full Moon, it’s likely that you may still be living in la-la land… Wait it out, sex it out, don’t try to figure it all out. It’s as you release the need to know what’s next in your connection that the answer will reveal itself.

Once Mercury re-enters Pisces on the 16th, re-activating your sector of fate and true love, you’ll find yourself ready to flow with what your body and soul’s been trying to tell you. The retrograde post-shadow will be waning, and your ability to trust your instincts will deepen. Go ahead and text bae letting them know to come over with your favorite take-out meal. Turn off your phones and turn on your favorite romcom. Get cozy under the covers. Make out to your heart’s desire.

If you’re single or don’t feel connected to someone in that way, Mercury’s shift into Pisces will activate your imagination to the point that you can literally write a screenplay or poem that incorporates profound sexual elements within it. Re-read it, play sexual mantras or songs, and watch those romcoms on your own. Since the Pisces New Moon energy will still be going strong these next six months, if you choose to believe in the power of attracting your ideal lover, you will manifest them by the time the Pisces Full Moon occurs in Virgo Season. In the meantime, spend time loving on yourself as much as possible, because once you do get boo’d up in the upcoming months, you may find yourself missing your solitude! Your manifestation powers are quickening, so be careful what you ask for this month, Scorpio. It’ll come to you faster than you can tap out.

Once Aries Season and the astro new year begins on the 19th, say goodbye to the version of yourself you once were, Scorpio. Your sector of health and service is activated, and you’ll primarily be in service to yourself first and foremost. Your ability to prioritize the connections that make you feel seen, sexy, and celebrated increases at this time. Your heart-breaker abilities also increase, whether you’re conscious of it or not. It’s best to let people know what’s up — if you once were interested in maintaining a sexual or romantic connection, but now you’ve outgrown it, you may need to let them know before the Aries New Moon takes place on the 24th. That way you will have tied up all loose ends and you can focus on getting tied up, or tying up, the object(s) of your affection, without leading other people on or keeping them waiting in the process.

Scorpios may find themselves drawn to Aries or people with Aries placements in their charts during the second half of March. Since both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, and Mars will be in Capricorn all month long, get ready to be particularly turned on by those who match your drive and hustle, both in and out of the bedroom. You may end up connecting on a business project with someone who’s passion and intellect turns you on so much that you ask for a postwork rendez-vous that leaves you booth swooning, sweating, and panting with desire. Yes, you can have it all this month. You can also decide how much people have access to you and your sexually healing energy. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s your fresh start, and you make the rules.