Scorpio November

Welcome to November, Scorpio. It’s Scorpio Season for the first three weeks of the month, which means that you’ll continue to feel on top of your game emotionally, sexually, and physically. Although Venus, the Planet of Love, will be retrograde for half of the month, you’ve made it through the toughest part of its retrograde now that it’s shifted into the sign of Libra. You’ll be able to lighten up when it comes to dealing with any past drama in your relationships. The key to having a great sex life this month is not to take yourself or others too seriously.

The first eight days of the month are likely to feel extremely passionate and magnetic, largely because Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, spends its final eight days in your zodiac sign. You’ll be in the mood to go above and beyond when it comes to lovemaking and merging. You may feel like you’re about to enter a  completely new stage of life — and you are. Once Jupiter enters Sagittarius on  November 8, it won’t return to your zodiac sign again until 2029. This is, therefore, the time to do something bold and unforgettable when it comes to sex. If you ’ve been meaning to uninhibitedly have sex with someone who makes you feel free,  fiery and incredibly sexy, do so during the first third of November. The Scorpio  New Moon on November 7 will emphasize this desire to start fresh sexually and let go of any resentments, fears or frustrations. This is your annual New Moon in your sign, so your self-confidence will be at an all-time high from November 7 –  November 17 especially. Make the most of it, Scorpio. Take time to look your best,  feel your best, and indulge in sexual adventures with the person who deserves it most. Only you know who that is.

Single and searching for that special person? You’re in luck. Once Mars, the  Planet of Action, enters Pisces on November 15, your sector of fate and true love will be activated. Since you’re ruled by Mars, you’ll benefit from this planetary shift and your chances of connecting with someone who majorly turns you on, spiritually and physically, will dramatically increase. Just beware of wearing rose-colored  glasses and falling a bit too easily, Scorpio. Pisces energy tends to be very whimsical and doesn’t focus on practical matters. You may find yourself rushing into something new without taking the time to figure out your intentions. Fortunately,  on the 16th Venus ends its retrograde and allows you to see the situations in your life with greater clarity. That way you’ll know if you’re ready to sleep with someone who may have swept you off your feet, or if you should instead take it slow and wait it out.

Sagittarius Season takes over on November 22, and after a wild and steamy  Scorpio Season, your sector of security will be activated, meaning that while you’ll  be feeling more adventurous and freedom-oriented, as the month comes to an end  you’ll also want to make sure people aren’t toying with your emotions or using you only for sex. There can be a huge misconception when it comes to how deep of a  lover you are, and while Sag Season may at first give you the urge to fall back and downplay your passions, you really shouldn’t Scorpio. Be more transparent and upfront about what’s on your mind when it comes to your sexual needs. If you need a break, take one. If you want more passion and action, ask for it. The Sag Sun will help you vocalize your thoughts and expectations without fear, and they’re more likely to be met that way.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 23rd, combined with the end of Neptune  Retrograde on the 24th will bring out a more expressive and direct side of you,  which will help you experience some of the most mind-blowing sexual connections you’ve had in quite some time. These connections may start off being intellectually focused… During the last week of November, you may get lost in a deep conversation with someone who seems to understand your profundity better than anyone else. Because you’ll feel so seen and understand, that individual will be able  to peel back the layers of your soul, and access your body. Everything will feel so sexy, so stirring, and so intoxicating. This month will definitely be full of emotional extremes, Scorpio. There will be times when you shy away from sex because you ’re trying to figure out who you are without such strong physical urges. Be patient with yourself during that time. But also realize that it won’t last forever. You are a sexual sign because you equate sex with transformation. And this Scorpio Season, having  sex with the right person will help you get in tune with your soul’s urges, and help  you transcend your past self as you morph into Scorpio 2.0. Enjoy this annual  rebirth and give into whatever feels right in the present moment when it comes to  sex and love, without overthinking it. It’s your season, Scorpio. Bask in it.