Scorpio October

Not only is October the month Scorpio Season begins, but it’s also a month of sexual and spiritual healing. You’ll be gifted everything you didn’t know you needed. Prepare to be awakened to how deep your sexual powers are. You are the sex sign for a reason, Scorpio. You have an orgasmic effect on everything around you, and this will become increasingly clear this month, especially once Venus, the Planet of Love, enters your sign on the 8th of October.

But before we get to that sexy cosmic shift, make sure to use the first week of the month to set Libra New Moon intentions that have to do with sexual and spiritual healing. What’s been hurting you, Scorpio? When you take away all the distractions, when you take a break from checking your texts, IG notifications or email, when you are alone with yourself and your heart — what comes up? Take time to process these emotions and don’t use sex or romantic attention from others as a way to ignore what your intuition wants you to know.

Mars, the Planet of Action, is one of your co-rulers and on the 4th it shifts out of Virgo and enters Libra, activating your sector of healing and spirituality for six weeks. When Mars is in Libra you’re drawn to people who can charm you, make you laugh, make you cum with ease, and introduce you to new ways of looking at the world. If you’ve been in your little hermit cave during Mars’ transit in Virgo, you’ll be ready to come out and meet the world at this time. But you won’t be in the mood to mingle and giggle with just anyone. They have to have a certain charm and magic to them…

Say yes to outings as the month begins, particularly since we’ll still be feeling the influence of the Libra New Moon. When you go out, let go of the Scorpio you used to be, and step into the magnetic Scorpio who only attracts sexy beings who can handle your power. If you’ve already attracted that lover, make sure to use the harmonious energy of Mars in Libra to let your lover know how much they mean to you. Don’t take them for granted. Let them know what you love in bed, what you want more of. Ask them what they love and what they want more of how wild they make you feel. Get specific and descriptive. Even if you’ve been dating for years, pretend to be dating each other for the first time. Buy new undergarments or surprise them with a new pair of sexy attire. Be lovebirds for the sake of it. Fill each other’s hearts and bodies with that good loving.

If you’re not in such a relationship and you’re reading this and rolling your eyes in skepticism of ever being able to manifest such a connection, understand that this month is about having faith. Yes, Scorpio, retrograde season’s been tough because it broke apart connections that felt familiar, but that ultimately weren’t healthy for you. You had the courage to realize when enough was enough, and now you’re picking yourself back up.

Taking care of your sexual health during moments of self-imposed celibacy or abstinence is more important than ever. If that’s the situation you find yourself in this month, you have to make sure you’re still listening to yourself, your body, and times when you just need to feel some sort of human touch. Don’t let your pride or stubbornness keep you from experiencing intimacy, in whatever way feels comfortable to you. And make sure you’re not so caught up in the one that seemingly got away that you’re failing to pay attention to the one(s) right here in front of you, ready to love on you, patiently waiting for you to heal and open up.

But alas, Scorpio, the heart wants what it wants, and you of all people know that there’s no point in forcing what’s not meant to be. Once Scorpio Season starts on the 23rd, followed by the Scorpio New Moon on the 27th, you will have seen the light and moved on from toxic, previously addictive connections. You want to enter your Solar Return with fresh energy sexually, spiritually, financially and emotionally. They’re all connected.

Make yourself the primary object of your affection this Scorpio Season. Add a new sex toy to your birthday wish list. Explore tantric sex with whomever has the privilege to be with you in bed around your birthday. And remember that you’re the one who chooses who has access to your body, mind and soul. There’s no right or wrong answer. Whether you wake up alone with your hand softly grazing your sexual organs, or whether you get awoken by someone asking if they can give you head for breakfast, you are a complete, dynamic, irresistible being either way. Always remember that.

Mercury Retrograde begins on the 31st, reminding you of how much you’ve grown since the previous Mercury retrograde this past summer. You aren’t falling for the same old tricks with past lovers (or your past consciousness), and you’re making your sexual pleasure an ultimate priority, even if it means being patient before the right partner comes along and makes love to you in your birthday suit. Ooh la la, Scorpio. The possibilities.