Taurus May

Your birthday season keeps going strong after the inspiring New Moon in your sign that took place on April 22nd. If you haven’t yet taken time to set intentions about what you’d like to direct your attention on these next six months, you have up until the Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th to make the most of your annual new moon’s energy. You may have been feeling more magnetic than usual lately, and you’re noticing that certain people can’t get enough of you. Even if they try to keep their distance, your energy intoxicates them, and vice versa. The Scorpio Full Moon will only deepen such a sensation, because it takes place in your sector of partnership and marriage. This month you may have some of the best sex of your life, either in reality, or in your fantasies. The type of dreams you have about your crushes will feel so sensual and tangible, you may at times wake up missing the sensation of holding them in your arms. This month, Taurus, you cannot run away from how romantic you’ll be feeling, and it’s best not to push love away either.

Mercury will shift out of your sign on the 11th and enter social Gemini, the same day that Saturn begins its retrograde in Aquarius. All of this air energy can lead to you feeling more indecisive than usual in your love and sex life. You may find yourself vacillating between several options and people, and even though there’s a more traditional side of you that wants monogamy and one committed partner, ever since Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, has entered your sign in May 2018, you’re realizing that there’s a less conventional side of you that wants it all. You’ve gotten a taste of having it all (and mind you, you can always have it all in a minimal way), and now you want to explore a bit more.

With Venus, the Planet of Love, in Gemini, activating your sector of abundance and security, now is actually the time to weigh the pros and the cons of your different options, and be honest with yourself about what the true substance is, and what’s simply a distraction. There’s no problem with distractions, just admit to yourself that it’s a distraction if you know it is. Being honest with yourself about what you’re really feeling and who you’re really craving is the key to flowing usefully.

It’s retrograde season this month, and as an Earth sign you usually love periods of reevaluation. However recently you’ve been overanalyzing things, particularly your love and sex life, and you’ll have to take a breather from feeling like you have to have it all figured out right now. There’s a reason many of these retrogrades last several months — it’s a process, my friend. And while Uranus in Taurus has led to you having unexpected plot twists in your love life, retrograde season invites you to take time to centralize your own needs first, and prioritize the lovers and interactions that will bring you the most emotional and sexual bliss. It’s okay to be selfish this season, Taurus. You’ve done so much for others, and the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus all in your sign at some point this month wants you to reorient yourself towards your own needs and not be afraid to fully own up to them.

Once Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Pisces on the 13th, one of the most sensitive parts of your chart will be activated — your sector of social networks and friendships. It’s quite likely that someone you view as a friend, or someone who views you as a friend, will play a significant role in your life and in your journey of self-discovery this month. Your phone conversations, text memo exchanges, or voice note offerings could feel like the ultimate foreplay. Even if you don’t get to physically make love to each other this month, you can do so virtually, simply by looking at each other in the eyes in silence, or smiling at a playlist you send the other. It’s the little things that will drive you crazy with anticipation at deepening your connection, Taurus. And it’s possible that one or both of you may speak up about the fact that what once felt like a friendship actually has the potential to blossom into something much deeper, and much more sustainable.

But you may feel scared to fully dive into matters of the heart this month, Taurus. Even if you have it all together, all of this raw, passionate, erotic energy in the cosmos has also left you feeling raw, vulnerable and exposed. You may have been trying to keep it all together and not let your sensitivity be present, but the Scorpio Full Moon energy will be felt all month and you’ll basically be wearing your heart on your sleeve.

End the month using the energy of the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd to boost your own self-esteem and heal the parts of you who believe you still have to protect yourself from anything and everyone. That feeling you’re afraid of? It’s your heart opening up and expanding, healing with each breath. And as your heart heals from past trauma (thank you retrograde season), your sex life deepens and becomes even more fun to navigate, explore and be fully present in. You’ll be a magnet for your ideal match, and you’ll also learn how to love with detachment so that your fantasies remain balanced. Whew, Taurus. What a birthday season you’ve experienced so far. Find someone to smack your ass and bless your birthday suit with the good old fashioned loving you’ve been craving.