Taurus November

Venus, your ruling planet, shifts into fiery Sagittarius as the month of November begins, and this activates your sector of depth and intimacy all month long. This takes place while the Sun still remains in the passionate, erotic sign of Scorpio, activating your partnership sector until November 22. Taurus, this month your sex life can be steamy, dramatic and full of dynamic explosions… if you so choose. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is retrograde in your sign, and it’s been making you and your lover(s) act a bit erratically. So even if your body may be craving something or someone, your mind may end up doing the exact opposite, just for fun. So you may end up torturing yourself… just for fun. Told you things were getting weird. But hey, it’s fun, right?

Ha. In all seriousness, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be retrograde most of the month, in the sign of Scorpio. This activates your partnership sector, so everything will not necessarily be as it seems. It’s important for you to spend time on your own as the month begins, setting intentions about the type of romantic and sexual energy you’re ready to attract, maintain, release or sustain. It’s up to you to keep it real with yourself and get clear about what your sexual and romantic goals are for the next 6 months. Whether that’s celibacy, more wild adventures, stepping out of your sexual comfort zone, exploring polyamory, leaving an unhealthy connection, accepting the fact that you’re bored, realizing you’re the boring one, figuring out you’re sexually insatiable, or having an “aha” moment that you’re way too demanding in bed, and in life — whewww yes, that was a drag, I know — this month is about owning what you are. Even if what you are is confused AF.

Luckily there’s a Taurus Full Moon — your annual Full Moon — that occurs on November 12th. You’ll feel the effects of this intense lunation from November 7 – 17th, and it will help you get more attuned with yourself, your body, and the thoughts, sensations and desires of those around you. You won’t even have to say much around this time, your body will do the talking for you. The one thing to be aware of is that you may find yourself more lustful and almost obsessively sexual around this Full Moon, because not only will the Moon be in your sign, but the Sun will be in the sultry, powerfully magnetic sign of Scorpio.

You may feel things so powerfully at this time, but Mercury retrograde in your partnership sector may make it challenging for you to find the words to express yourself. Let your sexual desire be expressed through your body and its deepest inclinations. Use the Full Moon energy to take your ideal lover(s) out on dates. Indulge in sensual eye contact. Gently stroke your partner’s skin until they get goosebumps. Let your kisses intoxicate them. They’ll be begging for you to skip dessert and rush back home so they can consume you instead of that cheesecake. Mmm. Nothing like passionate, erotic, Taurus Full Moon sex. You deserve.

Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Scorpio on November 19, right before Scorpio Season ends. That means that Scorpio Season isn’t really ending, and all the energy you’ve been feeling when it comes to sex and intimacy will simply become amplified. Whewwww, Taurus. Make sure you’re taking breaks in between all those sex rounds or fantasies. Even if you look super calm and serene on the outside, you’ll be horny AF on the inside, especially as the month comes to an end. Luckily, Sag Season starts on the 22nd, activating your intimacy sector, and helping you be more of a free spirit in your relationships as the month winds down.

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, ends its five-month retrograde in the sign of Pisces on November 27, and this activates your sector of friendships and social networks. If you’re single or open to mingle, someone from social media may slide into your DMs around this time, just when you may have given up on finding a cuffing season bae. Things are about to get hella interesting as the month rounds out, Taurus. People may still slide into your DMs even if you’re not single, and it’s your job to decide what that means and to release expectations of what it means to be in a relationship.

If you’re seeking polyamory and want to explore that, Neptune going direct will help you open up the conversation with your lover(s). If it’s the opposite and you’re seeking even more exclusivity and commitment in your relationships, Neptune will encourage you to speak up and not pretend to be too cool for school. Your sex life will get tremendously more satisfying as you let yourself be vulnerable about your needs, Taurus. There will be no limit to the sexual ecstasy you experience once you tap into your powers of manifestation.