Virgo February

February 2020 will feel like a trip, Virgo. Your ruler Mercury will have its first retrograde of the decade on the 16th, and Mercury will be in Pisces, activating your partnership sector. Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in Pisces for the first week of the month, placing sex, fantasy, and all sorts of emotional and physical stimulation on your mind. Mercury retrograde is a common astrological phenomenon where Mercury gives us the semblance of rotating backward due to Earth’s relative position to it. In fact, it’s an optical illusion, Mercury is still rotating in its usual direction. This metaphor may apply to your love and sex life this month. You’ll realize that not everything you thought you wanted is what you actually want, and not everything you may have categorized others as is what they truly are… Simply put, this February, make sure you’re seeing and saying things clearly based in how you’re feeling in the present moment.

It may be tempting to cut off a situationship or ghost someone because you’re triggered by a past relationship, especially once Venus shifts into Aries on the 7th. But why not flow with the discomfort and make sure you’re clearly letting them know of how past experiences may be affecting your current sex and love life. They’re not mind readers, they’re just really into you. This month you may become aware of patterns where you ice out certain relationships just as things are starting to get steamy and passionate. Venus in Aries won’t let you run away from what you want, particularly in bed. This is the month where you’re encouraged to call the shots, in and out of the bedroom. Give them orders. Slap their ass. Handcuff and blindfold them. Playfully bite, claw, scratch and tease them. Let your wild Virgo side out during Venus in Aries, particularly during the first two weeks of the month when Mercury will still be direct in your partnership sector. The naughtier and nastier you allow yourself to be, the better sex with you will feel.

You’re often underestimated sexually speaking, and with Mars, the Planet of Action, in Capricorn starting the 16th, there will be a more intimidating side of you that will emerge romantically and sexually. You’ll be so in your own zone when it comes to building your legacy that at first, you may give your sexual partner(s) or admirer(s) the impression that you’re not into them at all, even if you’ve been dating or talking for months! This may also be due to Mercury Retrograde causing people to not see or understand you in the clearest light, but it can actually make your sex life more fun. Surprise current or potential sex partners who think you’re ghosting them by texting them a paragraph letting them know how much they’ve been on your mind. In vivid detail, let them know exactly what you’d like them to do to you. How much pressure and force should they apply? Where on your body would you want them to kiss, lick, and touch you? What’s your favorite form of foreplay, and what do you envision happening once you and them partake in it? You have a way with words that will leave them at a loss for words, and your boldness and vulnerability will amp up your sex life considerably if you’re brave enough to just go for it. Even if you don’t end up getting the response that you expected, the fact that you put those sensual vibes out there means the Universe knows what you want and because you’ve admitted it you’ve cleared the pathways for it to arrive in your life. There may be a plot twist in order to manifest it, but it’s not up to you to control how it manifests. Just get ready.

The 23rd, the Pisces New Moon takes place and activates your partnership sector. It’s going to be one of the sexiest weeks of the month, and you may even decide to go away with bae on a romcation, or book a solo retreat for you to do some window shopping and visualizing potential romantic partners into existence. Life will feel super dreamy and you’ll be noticing the signs more than ever during this final week of February. If someone you’ve been thinking of and longing to connect with suddenly hits you up, don’t view it as a coincidence. Say a resounding yes to the people and manifestations you’ve been yearning for. Yes, Mercury will be retrograde, but that’s nothing to fear. If anything, it’ll make you even more discerning of what your sexual needs are, and you’ll treat your body like a temple, only allowing those who can match your frequency and add something to the table — other than being a pretty face — to enter your sexual realm.