Virgo October

Virgo, your ruler Mercury begins its final retrograde of 2020 this month, on October 13th. This three-week journey could have you revisiting some of the intentions you set regarding sex, love, intimacy and relationships this year. With Mercury starting off in Scorpio, your communication sector is activated, and sex and passion are the key themes that will permeate your consciousness this month, even if you outwardly seem super productive. You may even mix business and pleasure this month if you’ve found yourself crushing on someone that you consistently work with or create with. You’re in the mood to explore your more dangerous side…

Libra and Scorpio Season are here to help you own up to the fact that you’re not the prude people often mistake you of being. When you’re not comfortable or into someone, then yes, you can be cold as ice. But when you’re turned on and activated by their energy? No one’s wilder or freakier in bed than you are. Dare to tap into your more primal side sexually and erotically this month, Virgo, especially if you’ve been giving much of your attention to your career these days. Sex is also a portal to profound creativity, so if you’ve been wanting to find ways to tap into that more, touching yourself and allowing yourself to be intentionally touched by others will help you be a more soulful creator. This month is about acknowledging the right person (or people) for you, and being courageous enough to let them in — not only into your body, but into your mind and soul. Sex you have this month can feel more energizing and awakening than you’ve felt in a while, particularly if it happens around of after the 10/10/2020 ascension portal. Sex with you will hit different due to Venus, the Planet of Magnetism, currently being in your sign most of October. You’re one of the celestial favorites, and your vibe and aura will feel sultry and mesmerizing.

The Libra New Moon on October 16th activates your abundance sector, so whatever seeds of intention you plant between then and October 26th are likely to be connected to your emotional security, and also your sexual wealth. If you’re currently partnered, you and your lover may use this time to check in with each other and see if you both feel equally satisfied on a consistent level. Even though Mercury will be retrograde, you’ll feel patient and open enough to hear the truth about your sexual connection, and ideally you both will take the feedback and make adjustments as needed. You can even turn it into a sex game on the spot, and create your own tantric map of exploration. Mercury retrograde will try you at times, but if you take what could’ve been awkward convos and turn them into hilarious moments, you’ll find your own guard coming down, as well as your lovers’.

If you’re a Virgo who is still healing from a past love, Scorpio Season and the Taurus Full Moon on the 31st is perfect for you to do a sex magic ritual and let go of any psychological or spiritual blockages you may have felt this year. Writing down all the unhealthy aspects of your past sex life or past relationships, and then shredding or burning the paper, will help you make room for the toe-curling sex with the divine being(s) who match your energy and want to make you moan time and time again. It’s what you deserve, and it’s what’s coming, and remaining to you. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too. Don’t let Mercury retrograde stop you from getting it in, Virgo. Shoot your shot with the awareness that you’re the ultimate prize.